South Florida’s music scene is a thriving one for those who know where to look. Live music venues featuring top-quality local bands and artists include such spots as Churchill’s Pub, Bardot and Grand Central. The bands are numerous and they tend to come and go quickly so it’s important to support the best talents to keep the scene and the musicians growing from Miami. These five bands include acts formed less than two years ago as well as a band who has already begun to receive some serious national and international attention. The sounds range from alternative rock to gospel noir, leaving something for just about everyone.

Miami, FL

Plains’ band members consist of singer/songwriter Michael McGinnis of Chicago and top musicians from Miami – drummer Jeremy McGrath, bassist Christopher Elam and guitarist Brennen Chouinard. Plains brings forth incredibly talented, hauntingly good music, making it difficult to stay still. The rich sounds are of the rock variety with definite influences of punk. When the indie band does shows around South Florida, they may be heard at local venues like Churchill’s Pub.

Condom Sex
Miami, FL

Condom Sex offers creativity-stimulating music from members Kenichi Ohme and Sharlyn Evertsz. The songs transport listeners with Evertsz’ alluring, hypnotic voice accompanied by a host of unexpected sounds and textures. The independent band produces music far from the mainstream with stunning experimental electronic music. It can be said to be a genre-less sound as different songs fall into different categories including hip hop, downtempo and industrial music.

Quarter Horses
Miami, FL

Quarter Horses is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Novy Graey and drummer/percussionist Emile Milgrim. Joined by Jonathan Trigoura providing additional sounds with the guitar, bass and keyboards, Quarter Horses brings forth gospel noir – a blend of gospel, post-punk, southern blues and slowcore. Even sounds of jazz, country and rock can be recognized in their songs. The thought-provoking music references art, history, faith and other creative and intellectual topics for a truly special experience.

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Miami, FL

Teepee offers captivates listeners with incredible melodies in experimental rock featuring plenty of influences including electronic music. Teepee’s rock productions also combine such sounds as psychedelic pop and jazz for a special experience with plenty of depth. It’s the project of Erix S. Laurent who is joined by his talented bandmates Andrew McLees and Dion Keith Kerr IV. Their latest work to be enjoyed was released in 2012, “Distant Love or: Time Never Meant Anything, And Never Will.” They can be heard playing in cool Miami venues like Bardot.

Jacuzzi Boys
Miami, FL

The Jacuzzi Boys are the most well-known of these up-and-coming bands. They’ve managed to garner national and international press and tours but it seems this is just the beginning of their journey. The Jacuzzi Boys have shown audiences that Miami’s music scene has plenty of incredible surprises and a great artistic culture to offer to the scene with their fun indie rock music. Band members Gabriel Alcala, Danny Gonzalez and Diego Monasterios bring high-energy party music ready for anything.

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