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February 9, 2014 1:01 PM

Surprisingly, Miami kept the city waiting for serious fashion blogs much longer than places like Los Angeles, New York and Paris. The quality blogs that have formed in recent years have showed the public that Miami was most certainly worth waiting for. These fashion bloggers show off the chicest sides of the city and their own impressive personal styles while highlighting what makes South Florida special – exclusive events, celebrity sightings and the warm weather that gets along perfectly with the local fashion set. These bloggers keep followers delighted with talks of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and intriguing anecdotes.

Princess Martha

Martha Dominguez’s Princess Martha blog features a chic, clean and refined appearance as well as reading content of the same nature. Her writing is very engaging and she often highlights high-fashion designer pieces that are translatable for everyday wear. The approachable looks are helpful selections for readers with any budget as the essence of the styling and trends are quite clear. What’s more, Princess Martha is written with a healthy sense of humor, reminding followers that fashion and life itself are not meant to be taken too seriously – they’re meant to be enjoyed. Along with fashion, Martha discusses health and beauty, food and family life as a mother and wife in Miami.

Belle Jhéanell

There’s something about Belle Jhéanell that makes the readers feel like they’ve known her for years. She doesn’t just share how she feels about a new trend or product (and she should know – Jhéanell has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a covetable makeup artistry background that found her rubbing elbows with the likes of Stella McCartney). She often exposes readers to how her friends may have responded differently to a trend or hot new beauty product, encouraging readers to form their own opinions. This style creates a sense of community and feels like a safe place for readers to join the conversation.

The Fashion Poet

Annie Vazquez’s The Fashion Poet is a popular blog following the fashionista to fabulous events and locales around Miami. Her eclectic personal style looks like a combination of New York street style and chic, tropical locales such as Brazil. One feature not to be missed is the Petite Poet – posts showing off some truly fashionable children to translate the trends for the pint-sized stylish set and their parents. The Fashion Poet has received some impressive press from such publications as Vogue Brasil and Nylon Magazine.

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cha cha fashion Top South Florida Fashion Blogs

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Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

Charnele Michel can’t seem to help but be stylish in everything she does with talents ranging from photography to broadcast journalism. Aside from having covetable personal style, Charnele always seems to be at every see-and-be-seen fashion event in the city. Her blog is relatable nonetheless and she has a great eye for what will be hot next. Her celebrity fashion spotlights are a special highlight not to be missed with thoughtful analyses of the styles of stars for a fresh and useful take on celebrity news and sightings.

The Wordy Girl

Maria Andy Tettamanti is the sassy and witty voice behind The Wordy Girl. There’s a never a dull moment at this well-designed blog accessorized by rich, colorful and larger-than-life photography praised by publications such as Ocean Drive. Her frequent adventures and great variety of topics keep readers always wanting more and waiting to see what she’ll say or do next. Tettamanti shares this creativity and her social skills as co-founder of Working Girls. The company offers fun and affordable workshops designed to empower women with the confidence and skill sets necessary for success in their respective careers – including blogging.

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Chanoa Chen is a well-published blogger and online journalist on topics ranging from luxury lifestyle living to fashion shows and trends. A self-proclaimed Miami Beach fashion expert, she is also working on launching her first jewelry line, Boki Love. Her work can be found at

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