Top Pumpkin Treats In South Florida

October 16, 2013 8:00 AM

(Source: AP)

(Source: AP)

In most of the country, fall lasts a couple of months. In South Florida, fall only lasts for two to three weeks, but you can still sample all of the flavors of the season. Pumpkin is one of those fall delicacies that everyone hunts for. It’s warm and inviting and can spice up just about any sweet treat. Check out this list and decide for yourself which treat embodies your ideal of pumpkin paradise.
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Pumpkin Spice Pops – Feverish Pops
3252 N.E. 1st Ave.
Miami, FL 33136
(305) 482-1832

Every season in South Florida is ice cream season, so cool down while everyone else is bundling up. Feverish Pops is a homemade, gourmet popsicle company located in Midtown Miami that has made a national name for itself thanks to a profile done by “Unique Sweets” on the Cooking Channel. In the fall, it re-introduced one of its seasonal sensations, the pumpkin spice pop and the less well known pumpkin coconut pop. All of the shop’s pops are vegan but these pops are made with non-dairy milk (rice or coconut), cane sugar and pumpkin puree. The seasonal flavors are only available from October to December when pumpkins are in season, so head over to this pop shop to make sure that you don’t miss out.

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(Source: Niema Hulin)

Pumpkin Crème Brûleé – Mister Collins 
10295 Collins Ave.
Bal Harbor, FL 33154
(305) 455-5460

Bal Harbour is a beautiful town complete with its own mall and mega mansions and now you can experience all that Bal Harbor has to offer with a trip to Mister Collins. Located inside the One Bal Harbour building, this quaint bar and sophisticated restaurant has direct views of the Haulover Beach inlet. Stop in for dinner and try the pumpkin crème brûleé, a sweet and creamy fall twist on a popular dessert, topped with candied pumpkins seeds and a scoop of ginger ice cream. It’s savory and sweet but it’s not a staple on the menu, so call ahead for availability.

plate Top Pumpkin Treats In South Florida


Pumpkin Bread Pudding – Plate 
2105 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145
(305) 854-1888

Plate is known around town for its homemade bread pudding. Its regular flavors change weekly and include guava and cheese, but starting in September, a fall treat reappears on the menu. The pumpkin bread pudding is result of mixing milk, eggs, sugar, pumpkin, cinnamon and clove to form a moist, warm and comforting bread, embodying the spirit of fall and delighting those looking for the perfect combination of southern comfort and a seasonal favorite. Call ahead to get a reservation and find out the availability on this ooey gooey, warm and fruity treat.

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sun juice smoothies Top Pumpkin Treats In South Florida


Pumpkin Patch Smoothie – Sun Juice Smoothie & Juice Bar
1405 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 667-1555

Cult followings are usually reserved for positively decadent seasonal treats like the Shamrock Shake, however Miami has its own seasonal cult following that only locals know about. The pumpkin patch smoothie at Sun Juice Smoothie & Juice Bar is a yogurt, pumpkin, cinnamon and milk concoction that’s only available from October thru December. During this time of year, local patrons pack the small shop for a taste of this yummy beverage that outshines Sun Juice’s other seasonal pumpkin treat, the candy corn smoothie made with pumpkin, secret spices, milk and yogurt. Both drinks are reasonable, costing only $4.55 apiece, so it’s possible to make several return visits in a single season and not break the bank.

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(Source: Niema Hulin)

Pumpkin Pie Croissant – SpecialTea Lounge 
10766 S.W. 24th St.
Miami, FL 33165
(305) 554-8327

SpecialTea Lounge is a Florida International University South student hot spot that serves a rotating menu of multi-flavored, fresh-baked croissants including the classic chocolate croissant, but its autumnal offering is the pumpkin pie croissant. It’s a self-explanatory croissant filled with pumpkin pie that fans of croissant hybrids or just croissants in general will enjoy. You cannot call ahead to find out the availability of this item since a live barista does not man the phones, but you can enjoy one of the other flavors. So stop in frequently during the fall season and find new surprise every time.

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