South Florida’s party scene thrives on the vibrance of electronic music so it’s no surprise that most of the top 40 hit clubs marry electronic, dance and pop music into a singular, bass-pumping, melodic masterpiece. Attracting the young and beautiful and the wild and unpredictable, these clubs are not for the tame. However, alternative options cater to hipsters and casual party-goers as well, providing a haven for the eccentric and the essential. Attend a backyard barbecue or fraternize with millionaires, either way you can listen to the same music in a completely different atmosphere.

1235 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 735-3344

If you’re ready to go big or go home, Mansion is the place to be. This expansive night club located in the heart of South Beach spans two floors and 40,000 square feet. Revelers can dance the night away to electronica and pop music spun by their favorite celebrity guest DJs like Skrillex, Deadmau5 and enjoy performances by Jay-Z while rubbing shoulders with beautiful, sweaty strangers who checked their inhibitions at the door. It’s South Beach extravagance personified, making this club a hot spot for tourists and an escape for locals who want to party like there is no tomorrow.

The Clevelander
1020 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-4006

The Clevelander is one of the few venues in Miami where you can be cramped and feel free, simultaneously. The outdoor bar and hotel features a pool with an adjacent stage, offering direct views of the live DJs and a stunning view of Ocean Drive streetwalkers. The music ranges from top 40 hits to salsa and rock and is always lined with 20-something club hoppers and out-of-control collegiates. Get lost in the haze of neon lights as you dance the night away at one of South Beach’s premiere destinations to the tunes of Rhianna, Katy Perry and more.

America’s Backyard
100 S.W. 3rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 449-1025

America’s Backyard encompasses the club atmosphere with an all-American backyard barbecue. A favorite for Fort Lauderdale undergraduates, clubbers can visit the pool-shaped bar while fist pumping to the radio’s latest and greatest. The club is adjacent to Revolution Live so bar hopping is a breeze for those wanting to listen to live alternative rock from acts like Neon Trees and 90s favorite, Sublime. Pair that with reasonable drinks and themed foam parties and you’ve got one wild night.

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The Vagabond
30 N.E. 14 St.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 379-0508

Sometimes you just need to get away from plastic people, bourgeois bouncers and devil-may-care attitudes that are rampant in South Beach. The Vagabond is a hipster hangout located in the Wynwood Art District, the mecca of Miami hipsters. The club is an open format with two indoor rooms and a large patio each offering a different vibe from hip-hop, electronica and EDM pop to top 40 hits and more. Like the name suggests, The Vagabond doesn’t care who you are. The only requirement is having a good time.

4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 674-4680

When the iconic Fountainbleau hotel underwent a one billion dollar transformation in 2008, Liv was borne out of the rubble of 1950s darling Club Tropigala. Now boasting an unexpected 88-foot neon-lit dome ceiling in Miami Beach’s swankiest hotel, Liv is the place to see and be seen. Athletes, entertainers, voluptuous vixens and Jersey Shore rejects flock to hear live DJs pump the sounds of house, hip-hop and electronic pop, depending on the night. The open format keeps partiers guessing and prevents the scene from becoming stale, completing the transition from Frank Sinatra to DJ Sinatra. Liv has come a long way.

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