Top Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating In South Florida

October 4, 2013 8:00 AM

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Halloween is a time of fear and excitement for many reasons. Obviously, it’s exciting because of the thrill of gorging on massive amounts of candy and it’s scary because of the ghoulish costumes, but it can also be scary for parents wondering about the best and safest spots for trick-or-treating. There are many factors to consider. First, the neighborhood must be safe and conducive to children. Second, it must either be decorated for the holiday or hold city Halloween events. So view the list below to see if your city made the cut and be ready for a bootiful Halloween.
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coral gables Top Neighborhoods For Trick Or Treating In South Florida


Coral Gables
Along Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 446-6800

Normally, on a Halloween trick-or-treating list, Coconut Grove would be at the top of a list of attractions. But frankly, if you have small children, you will be exposing them to scantily clad women in costume, massive crowds and a minuscule two-block radius of safe trick-or-treating. Instead, opt for its neighboring city, Coral Gables. Children accompanied by parents can walk in a high-class, affluent city that is low on crime and offers some sweet treats. You can traverse the neighborhood or walk along Miracle Mile and stop by the many shops handing out candy in the late afternoon. There are also other Halloween activities like a costume contest and storytime reading at the Miracle Theater. You’ll get the total Halloween experience and your child will get loads of candy.

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southwest ranches Top Neighborhoods For Trick Or Treating In South Florida


Southwest Ranches
13400 Griffin Road
Southwest Ranches, FL 33330
(954) 434-0008

Southwest Ranches is a small community located in Broward County. The neighborhood is mostly affluent and home to a number of single-family homes, predominantly occupied by artists. This is key because there is nothing an artist loves more than showcasing their art, so you can expect elaborately decorated homes that your children can marvel at while trick-or-treating. This is also a very child-friendly neighborhood as most of the residents have children themselves, so even though they are chaperoned, your child will be in the company of other children their age walking down one of the safest streets in America.

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weston halloween Top Neighborhoods For Trick Or Treating In South Florida


17200 Royal Palm Blvd.
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 385-2000

For some neighborhoods, Halloween is just an ordinary day and for others it’s an event. The people of Weston do Halloween right with brightly lit neighborhoods, decorated houses and neighbors who love nothing more than giving out candy to gals and ghouls. Trick-or-treaters have the option to attend one of Weston’s many Halloween-oriented events or just go door-to-door. On the day of Halloween, the Weston Town Center holds a Halloween Fest complete with costume contests and vendors. The Bonaventure area, a community of mostly condos and vacationing, timeshare tenants, has its own costume contest and in addition, the City of Weston puts on Halloween festivities the day before Halloween, giving out prizes and candy. It all adds up to a Halloween blowout you and your child will never forget.

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Key Biscayne
88 W. McIntyre St.
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
(305) 365-5511

Key Biscayne has the three “S’s” of fun: safe, secluded and surrounded by water. In this town, residents take their children to school on golf carts, one because it’s cheaper on gas and two, because they can all afford golf carts. The neighborhood consists of mostly massive homes and in order to enter the area, you must pay a toll and cross the Rickenbacker Causeway, isolating you from the rest of Miami and any crime within. Some of the neighbors here really love Halloween and they go all out with decorations that stretch from the front lawn to the front porch.

palmetto bay Top Neighborhoods For Trick Or Treating In South Florida


Palmetto Bay
9705 E. Hibiscus St.
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
(305) 259-1234

Palmetto Bay is billed at “The Village of Parks.” It’s apropos because it’s home to six parks and is extremely safe. It’s pretty much a child’s paradise. Like Southwest Ranches, Palmetto Bay is home to a number of affluent artists, so again, expect beautifully decorated homes. As an added bonus, this city is located on the waters of Biscayne Bay so parents will get some breathtaking views while their children are trick-or-treating. This city does not offer any additional Halloween perks. It’s just a safe city to take your child trick-or-treating. But if you want to add an additional thrill, take a short drive over to Evelyn Greer Park in the adjacent town of Pinecrest and participate in trick-or-treating in the park, where local business hand out candy in a centralized location.

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