Music is not only therapeutic and fun, but it is also very good for mental health. In fact, the early a child learns to play a musical instrument, the earlier he or she will start developing complex thinking patterns. Children, who have engaged in early childhood development starting with music training, have shown to be more advanced than their peers, more capable of solving math equations, understanding theories and learning new languages. Here’s some of the best music classes you can find for kids in South Florida.

LiVE! Modern School Of Music

1788 Sans Souci Blvd.
North Miami, FL 33181
(305) 893-0191

The selling point of this school is that it teaches students to become actual artists, preparing them for the real world. Students learn the ins and outs of the business, after mastering their craft and gaining experience. There will be opportunities for the student to become professionally recorded and to promote their music around the world. But, first, it all starts with the fundamentals – teaching students music theory and how to read notes.

This school has many live performances and in-house events, as well as workshops and clinics to attend. Not only does the school pride themselves on teaching theory, they are also focused on teaching rhythm. This school is definitely for the young Mozart, who is serious about their craft.

A+ Music Instruction

5220 N. 37th St.
Hollywood, FL 33021
(305) 978-5449

Dedicated to early childhood development, A+ Music Instruction prides itself on the ability to train students as early as 3 on the basics of guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and drums, while moving them into more advanced and complex training. Serving various areas of the South Florida region, Mitch Cuttler proves to be a very qualified and extremely talented teacher, as he instructs various age groups and with great versatility.

Mitch engages the children by playing music that they already know, developing the interest in music as a whole. This place can get your kids interested in something that will mold their intellect and shape their cognitive abilities.

Muzart Studios

1946 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 924-1133

Catering to ages 4 through adult, Muzart Studios offer both group and private instruction, allowing families to engage in classes together and create a lifelong bonding experience between them. The earlier students will begin music classes through listening exercises and instrumental exploration. They also learn rhythm, which is an essential part of learning music theory.

The facilities offer camps, classes and even birthday parties. Students are inspired through creativity, where passion and imagination comes to life. With classes that cater to all the arts – not just music – your child will be exposed to dance and other forms of expression.

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Miami Fine Arts Academy

3191 Coral Way, Suite 104
Miami, FL 33145
(786) 464-0566

On the more traditional end of the spectrum, the Miami Fine Arts Academy offers children the opportunity to seek culture through a variety of piano and voice lessons, privately and in a group setting. The student may opt to take up other instruments at the academy, as well. Because this school is dedicated to the arts, the student may also be interested in painting and dance. Teachers are highly qualified and able to teach children as young as three in the fine arts.

Students are not required for long-term commitment, and they can pay month to month. There are many free recitals and workshops throughout the year. Students are also able to take classes from home, accommodating the parent who is unable to travel during the day.

PAN Miami | Performing Arts Network

13124 W. Dixie Highway
North Miami, FL 33161
(305) 899-7730

Miami is known for its diverse cultures and now students are able to embrace their heritage through dance, theatre, and music. At PAN, students are immersed in authentic training. An organization designed with a focus on the community, teachers train and mentor students towards mastery in their craft.

Training includes sight-reading, rhythm studies, tonal skills and instrumentation. Classes are available in private, semi-private and small groups. A variety of genres are covered, providing students with plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills in front of large audiences and in writing music for others.

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