DKOR Interiors’ team of talented interior designers share their tips for giving homes the South FLorida flair. Miami stands for fun, sun, art, colors, culture and high design. These are all fun elements to play with when it comes to decorating your home.

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Miami’s great tropical climate deserves to be alluded to indoors as well. Bringing plants inside is one way to celebrate the nature of the area. The environment is actually a huge factor in every project of DKOR Interiors. The landscape of Miami inspires design aesthetics and most of the firm’s clients request to have it incorporated into their homes.


Miami’s melting pot of culture is an inspiration to artists and designers of all aspects. DKOR Interiors has great resources for fun and innovative pieces that clients really love. Miami is a great place to be playful – add a fun and unexpected piece in the form of art or a cool chair. Take chances and be true to personal style.

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Light Colors

Tropical weather and sunshine calls for light colors. Linens and other light yet durable materials are great for the home in light tones. A light monochromatic color palette can be enhanced well with pops of your favorite colors. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to consistently keep the home up with the trends from season to season.

Lightweight Fabrics

Despite air conditioning, South Florida is South Florida, so say no to heavy fabrics for cooler climates. There are many great lightweight materials these days that also happen to be durable and long lasting. Stay far away from velvets and wools! Those fabrics simply aren’t compatible with South Florida.

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Miami is about enjoyment and having a great time. Make sure your home reflects that sensibility by ensuring it is compatible with your entertainment needs. First, be sure to have at least one area with enough open space for gatherings. The next thing is to have a good flow of traffic to keep guests perusing with ease and to avoid awkward corners of energy as well as to keep precious heirlooms out of the normal flow of traffic.

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Interior designers Marcy Garcia, Margaret Smith, Ana Maria Hirsch, Blanche Kibaju and Emma Kay provide creative and innovative interior design services for local and international interiors with knowledge, vision and style while remaining faithful to the individuality of the clientele.

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