“Parenting magazine had said the Honda Accord was among the safest and best family cars of 2009.”

The Ride
The Driver: Beverly
Car in Question: Gray 2009 Honda Accord
Spotted at: Bass Museum, 2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, 33139
Odometer: 30,177
Car’s Nickname: The Gramily Car


Q: Hi Grandma Beverly! Thank you for participating in Defend Your Ride Miami! What can you tell us about your ride.

A: Safety comes first. I have five grandchildren who live near me and go lots of places with me. Nothing is more important than their safety. Therefore, I wanted a safe car and Parenting magazine had said the Honda Accord was among the safest and best family cars of 2009. Additionally, the amount of legroom in the back seat is good. It’s easier to get the children in and out of their car seats. I also like the large trunk, which enables me to store and retrieve changes of clothes, play equipment, books, a stroller and other kids stuff when I need them.

Q: How was your car shopping experience?

A: I had help from one of my daughter’s friends. He did the research on dealers and prices. He did the research on the car, initially, as well. He went to the dealer with me and handled the negotiation. I got the car for an excellent price. My friends think so. I didn’t look into it. I let him know what I wanted and he did most of the work. Basically, I test drove the car and paid for it.

Q: Do you have a nickname for your car?

A: The Gramily car. The nickname is a mix of Gramma and family. As I said, I have five grandchildren and they, and my family, mean a lot to me.

Q: Do you have any rules in the car?

A: Everyone who rides with me must wear a seatbelt. General courtesy rules such as using indoor voices and keeping hands to yourself are encouraged.

Q: What’s the farthest you’ve ever driven in this car?

A: My daughter drove us to Orlando. I went for an education conference and she and her daughter went to Disney World.

Q: What do you usually use your car for?

A: I shop. I visit friends. I do volunteer work, attend political and educational functions, go to shows and restaurants. But most of all, I drive to see my children in Hollywood and take my grandchildren to school, extracurricular activities, play groups, the library and wherever they need to be taken.

Q: What are you doing here today?

A: I have one of my granddaughters who is five years old with me and we’re going to look at the Art Basal sculptures in the park in front of the museum. Then maybe we’ll go to the library and have lunch together on Lincoln Road.

Q: Does she like art?

A: She enjoys doing art projects and I think she’ll like seeing the unique sculptures. If nothing else, we’re enjoying a day together.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about your car?

A: It works well. I’ve had no real problems with it yet. I also like how it feels on the road, strong and safe.

Photos and interview by Aimee Heller

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