“I wanted a car big enough for two kids.”

The Ride
The Driver: Barry
Car in Question: Black 2011 Mercedes Benz 350
Spotted at: Regal Oakwood Stadium 18, 2800 Oakwood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020
Car’s Nickname: Daddy’s Ride


Q: Nice ride! What can you tell us about it?

A: I wanted a car big enough for two kids and I have had good experience with Mercedes, so decided to get another one. This is my second Mercedes. The SUV was for the children and I wanted a good amount of cargo space.

Q: Why do you like Mercedes?

A: I think they provide good customer service and it’s a very smooth driving truck. I got the car in Naples. The reason I went all the way to Naples was because it was the only car black-on-black that didn’t have heated seats or a trailer hitch. I did not want to spend money on those when I have no need for a trailer hitch. I don’t have a boat or a trailer. I do not need heated seats because I live in sunny South Florida.

Q: How did you find the one in Naples?

A: I went to all the local Mercedes dealers. I drove to them and they all told me they could locate the car for me, but it was going to take weeks, maybe even months. Finally, I decided to look outside the immediate area. I called Naples and Palm Beach, dealers that were nowhere near here to see if they had the car sitting on the lot. The one in Naples had it. I drove up to Naples after making the deal on the phone. Within two hours, they took my old car and I drove the new one home.

Q: What do you mainly use the car for?

A: I use the car mostly for driving to and from work. We have multiple offices. I transport the children when they need to be transported.

Q: How many children have you ferried in the car?

A: The most has been two.

Q: Do you have any rules?

A: No food. Drinks are OK because they’ll wipe up. But no food in the car. Ever.

Q: So no Cheerios in the backseat?

A: No Cheerios, because Cheerios that start as Cheerios end up as ground up grain.

Q: What do you do?

A: I own a college advising company. I visit students as far north as Orlando and as far south as Miami Beach.

Q: So you love your car?

A: Yes, I love my car!

Photos and interview by Aimee Heller

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