Miami is a melting pot of creativity as well as culture and it is reflected in its community of emerging artists. Sure it’s host of Art Basel, Scope Art Fair and others each year, but the cultural offerings of the city remain year round. The talents produce great works in mediums ranging from paint to installations and the sources of inspiration are as diverse as the artists’ backgrounds. In Wynwood, Miami Design District and beyond, experience the exhibitions of the thought-provoking and the aesthetically-pleasing from Rosa Naday Garmendia, Juan Griego, David Zalben, Jacques Harvey and Lara Campiglia.

(credit: Rosa Naday Garmendia)

Rosa Naday Garmendia
ArtCenter/South Florida
810 Lincoln Road, Suite 206
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 606-9241

The well-traveled, Cuban-born Rosa Naday Garmendia’s paintings are beautiful, emotion-evoking pieces with a focus on vivid and rich colors painted on three-dimensional foam in various forms – particularly variations of squares and rectangles. Her pieces are driven by her thoughts on displacement and migration as well as the complex human spirit. Often her paintings include drawings scattered throughout the canvas, reminiscent of cave markings. This has the intention of bridging the invisible gap between the past and today, showing that no matter how humans advance technologically as a society, they are essentially the same with essentially the same joys, sorrows and woes. Other pieces hold true to her intense and rich-colored paint applications on foam with a single word included to evoke strong thought and emotional provocation.

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(credit: Juan Jose Griego)

Juan Griego
Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd St
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 576-2828

Florida-native Juan Griego is an up-and-coming Miami performance and installation artist. The Chief Preparator at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery also spends a great deal of time curating for his own pieces which often involve technology paired with unexpected or unorthodox objects. Griego also often manipulates electronics into new forms. His contemporary pieces are thought provoking and not often easily interpreted upon first glance.

(credit: David Zalben)

David Zalben 
David Castillo Gallery
2234 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 573-8110

The fun and optimistic so-called wire graffiti on a few Lincoln Road street signs with bubbles blowing, pets scurrying and the like are the creations of Miami artist David Zalben. Zalben works with wires to create an imaginative world of lighthearted inspiration – including slice-of-life scenes, animals and people. He gets very creative with the construction, even sculpting images of wire into decipherable sentences. His work can be seen until July 31st at the “David Castillo Gallery Open” exhibition at the David Castillo Gallery.

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Jacques Harvey
Art Work In Progress
171 NW 36 St
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 573-4009

Jacques Harvey is a local painter with a great focus on pictorial art. He has a few collections of paintings but his most famous is his “Studios of the Masters.” This is a collection of images depicting 25 paintings alongside the great painters who crafted them. A few of those who made it into the collection include Lempicka, Hockney, Kandinsky and Magrite. His work may be seen at his studio, where he also teaches art classes six days a week, as well as at local businesses such as La Piaggia and Van Dyke Cafe.

(credit: Lara Campiglia)

Lara Campiglia
92 SW 3rd St, PH3
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 450-1058

Lara Campiglia is a great contemporary artist using painting as her medium. Her paintings are largely abstract with some featuring definable representations among the abstract. This Uruguayan creative mind utilizes rich, vivid, deep colors typically presented in various layers on canvases. Besides the typical canvas works, Campiglia’s pieces are sold uniquely as strikingly beautiful images on furniture, rugs, jewelry and other pieces.

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