South Florida Businesses With Art Galleries

January 2, 2013 9:01 AM

Well-placed artwork in an office or business can not only act as a charming tool to attract clients, but also serve as a source of calming inspiration for your business’ next great idea. As an international cultural hub, South Florida is home to a great variety of visual artists. Here are a few businesses that merge art and commerce with style.
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(Source: Cafe Catula)

Cafe Catula

7190 S.W. 87th Ave.
Miami, FL 33173
(305) 720-2122

A recent and rare addition to the Kendall area’s fine dining scene, Café Catula attempts to combine international cuisine of various styles in a stylish, artistic setting. Various paintings and bronze statues adorn the restaurant along with a grand piano, allowing the performing arts to be featured as well with live music on occasion. The art collection is a collaborative effort between Cuban local artist Uldis Lopez and the Hernandez family collection.

sweatrecords2 South Florida Businesses With Art Galleries

(Source: Deering Estate At Cutler)

Sweat Records

5505 N.E. 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 693-9309

Establishing itself as a central hub for new local artists, DJs, musicians, comedians and bakers alike, Sweat Records oozes a love of art and all things local that’s all over the walls. In addition to the unmistakable storefront mural by artist CP1 that features dead-on portraits of prominent music acts like Daft Punk, Prince, Bjork, Biggie, Bowie, Billie and one of the Gorillaz characters, the inside reveals more work from locals TM Sisters, AHOLSNIFFSGLUE and currently an exhibition of concert poster art from IronForge Press.

officespace South Florida Businesses With Art Galleries


Miami Shared

990 Biscayne Blvd., Office 503
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 929-8688

A shared office makes an ideal setting for displaying new artists, exposing many types of professionals and clients to the world of art. MiamiShared, a multi-business office with wide-open white spaces, sleek design and large windows overlooking incoming cruise ships, adorns its walls with abstract paintings by artist Nadine Daskaloff. The vivid colors and texture combined with the view of the city is sure to inspire the creative genius within.

Best Permanent Exhibits In South Florida

miamidadepublicart org South Florida Businesses With Art Galleries

(Source: Flamingo Gardens)

Stephen P. Clark Government Center

111 N.W. 1st St.
Miami, FL 33128
(305) 468-5900

The cross section of Miami transit makes an ideal place to go from bus to rail, catch a quick bite, use the restroom and take in some critically acclaimed artists. The Stephen P. Clark Government Center is home to several artworks that can all blur together as you run to catch your train. Artists include highly regarded landscape photographer Ansel Adams, famed 1980’s comic-style artist Keith Haring and local artist Ivan Toth’s “Depena,” which has an interactive feature that changes with the viewer’s actions.

farside South Florida Businesses With Art Galleries

(Source: Bank Atlantic Center)

Arturo Mosquera, D.M.D., M.S./Art@Work/Farside Gallery

1245 Galloway Road
Miami, FL 33174
(305) 264-3355

Local orthodontist Arturo F. Mosquera loves to see jaws drop, but it’s most satisfying when it’s because of the art all over his Miami office. The lobby, also known as Art@Work, has shown many established and local up-and-coming artists’ works, in addition to hosting quarter exhibitions for over a decade. They even expanded into an adjacent alternative art space, Farside Gallery. Mosquera and his wife have been collecting Latin American and Cuban art for over 20 years, giving patients plenty to chew over between visits.

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