So you’ve got relatives headed to your home and they want to say they have experienced South Florida. These locations are a great cross-section of the area and if they make it through all of these on their trip, they may never want to leave South Florida. So take them there at your own risk.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road/South Beach

It’s an icon known around the world. The South Beach experience is one anyone who visits South Florida has to experience. From shopping on Lincoln Road to taking a stroll down Ocean Drive to driving around the area admiring the Art Deco look of the countless buildings, South Beach has it all. Plus, when the sun goes down, the area turns into a party that is truly memorable.

Seven Mile Bridge

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Florida Keys

Driving to the Keys is something anyone who comes to South Florida should experience. If you’re not up for making it all the way to Key West, don’t worry, there are plenty of phenomenal restaurants/holes in the wall you can hit up along the way. Islamorada and Key Largo are two good stopping points if you just want to hang out for the day. Beaches on both sides of the road make the experience that much more fun.

Florida Everglades

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When people think about the Florida, alligators are often the first things to come mind. There’s not a better place than the Everglades to check out all of the wildlife in South Florida. If you go to the Everglades during the wet season, make sure you bring mosquito repellant. Also, for some fun, you might try an airboat ride across the Glades and pick the bugs out of your teeth as you go.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Ft. Lauderdale Beach

It’s an iconic symbol of the decadence of Spring Break’s past. But now, Ft. Lauderdale Beach is both a family friendly environment and great locale to enjoy some of the beautiful white sandy beaches. Ft. Lauderdale Beach also provides some of the most beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean in South Florida. And if you’re looking for a stroll on the beach or a place to picnic, Ft. Lauderdale Beach is one of the best in the area.

Star Island Miami Beach

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Star Island

Obviously when it comes to South Florida, one thing many people think of is celebrities. While you may not necessarily catch a view of the stars, Star Island will give you a view of some of their homes in South Florida. It’s been home to countless stars over the years including: Shaquille O’Neal, Madonna, Alex Rodriguez, P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, and Will Smith. It’s probably the single best collection of star homes outside of Beverly Hills.