South Florida is one fertile surrounding for eclectic and innovative music production. Whether it is about artists that found Miami as their inspiration and second home or musicians ‘made in Miami,’ the result is vibrant. This list of female artists makes up the roster of the ‘best of.’

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Agape Featuring Nadia Harris

Where better could Toronto meet Jamaica if not in Miami? DJ and producer Eric from Toronto and one Caribbean talent from Jamaica result in the ‘prismatic sonic collage’ that represents Agape (unconditional love). A live, organic and electronic sound is the harmonic result of the versatility and talents of Nadia as a singer and songwriter and Eric’s beats. Daughter of a legendary roots recording artist, Nadia’s unique voice was naturally cultivated. They have performed in the largest international festivals and opened for cutting-edge artists like Brazilian Girls and Jazz icons Medesky, Martin and Wood. They have delighted Miami with live explosive performances and now are working on their much-expected album.


Brianna Perry

After her video was posted on Beyonce’s official website, the time for glory has come for Brianna the YRB (Young Rich Bandit), a Miami-raised artist. Mentions on local and national media followed and culminated with attention from Black Entertainment Television (BET) and a nomination for Best Female Hip Hop Artist competing with Niki Minaj, Trina and Diamond. A protégé of Missy Elliot, she has also collaborated with Lil Wayne and Trina. Brianna, signed with Atlantic Records, has launched her new single “Marilyn Monroe” as a prelude of what fans are waiting for: her debut album.

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Jessica Who?

In only eight years of performing as a DJ, Jessica has obtained raves and recognition from peers and club owners, garnering attention from brands like Marc Jacobs and celebrities such as Katy Perry and Queen Latifah. Born with vibrant imagination, her avid passion for music was encouraged by an electric guitar at age 13. A serendipitous encounter with a local DJ at a party when she was 17 catapulted her into DJ stardom, or as she says it, was her ‘A-ha’ moment. The key elements that make her successful at such a young age are commitment to learning, extensive knowledge of numerous genres and adaptability that all blend into ‘open format Jessica Who? style’ that every client looks for when booking her.

Raging Geisha

It all started six years ago when the band’s members met as students at University of Miami. Erica Sommer, the female leader, was at that time already collaborating with local moghul Emilio Estefan. Although ‘geisha’ in the collective imagination refers to a woman trained to entertain men with complacency, the ‘raging’ adjective of the band’s name is due to Erica who portrays the image of a confident and sexy woman capable of leading a male band. The projection of a positive female role model is also infused with influences of epic rock of the caliber of Steven Tyler and Gwen Stefani into beats that are as sexy as Miami.

Melissa Burnos

1933-1945 Meridian Ave.

While still an NFL cheerleader, Melissa was encouraged to start writing songs out of her poetry by no less than Maurice Gibb, a family friend. A natural on stage, her career evolved from performing on the field for the Miami Dolphins to the stages of Ricardo Montaner and Ki Mani Marley. A storyteller with a BA in English, Melissa turned into an explosive rock performer thanks to her restless creativity.

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