Artists often want to be surrounded by beauty and South Florida has some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world. Creative types from all over move to Miami because it is an art friendly city, and a hub for art buyers. Art Basel which takes place on Miami Beach annually is the most prestigious art show in the United States and there is a designated district in the city designed by the architecture of artists, the ArtDeco District. Here are some of the best local artists and where you can see their work.

Source: Romero Britto

Romero Britto

Britto Central Gallery
818 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-8821

The unmistakable bright colors and sharp edges of  Braziallian born artist Romero Britto’s work is featured on landmarks throughout South Florida. An established painter, serigrapher, and sculptor, his work is meant to convey optimism through vibrant hues and shapes. His art reflects images of the way he looks at life. Britto’s work is featured in galleries and celebrity homes all over the world, but he lives here in South Florida and this is where you will find the largest concentration of his easily recognized masterpieces. He also generously donates locally. You will find his neo-pop style artwork featured at Grapeland Water Park and on buildings and billboards throughout Miami. There is also a luggage line featuring the loud designs or Romero Britto. His main art gallery is located on Lincoln Road in South Beach.

Source: Jen Stark

Jen Stark

Jen Stark was born and raised in Miami and at only 27-years-old, her artwork is getting attention from all around the world.  Jen is best known for her intricate paper artworks but she is also an accomplished sculptor and animation artist. She lives and creates her pieces in Miami and says her major influences come from microscopic patterns in nature and wormholes. Stark creates many of her elaborate works with just construction paper and an X-Acto knife. You can order her colorful designs on t-shirts from her website and look out for her work in the future as she is a rising star in the art world.

Source: FriendsWithYou


FriendsWithYou Boutique
3930 NE 2nd Ave
Suite 202
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 722-8484

FriendsWithYou is an art team founded by Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. One of their claims to fame is the album cover artwork they contribute to hip hop group N.E.R.D. and Rap Star Pharrel Williams. Their work is also a favored by Gwen Stefani, Gloria Estefan,  and has been featured on  The works of FriendsWithYou are intended to evoke happiness through designer toys, elaborate playgrounds, colorful paintings, and animation. You may recognize their distinct work for major advertisers like Coco-Cola and Nike.