A night of partying, drinking and staying up late usually follows a morning-after pick-me-up. South Florida offers hundreds of natural juice bars to help replenish the nutrients lost as you danced away the night before. Those juice bars offer everything from beet, carrots and celery concoctions to a shot of wheat grass. Hurry, the vitamins await.

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The Honey Tree

5138 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137
*No Website*
(305) 759-1696

The organic supermarket has also carved out a spot where thirsty, nutrient-deprived customers can find an oasis rich with organic fruits ready to be blended to create a healthy drink. Locals often refer to this as a place where the “food rocks” and where people can meet other like-minded individuals.

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Beehive Natural Foods Juice Bar

5750 Bird Rd.
Miami, FL 33155
(305) 663-1300
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The 20-year-old establishment has served up natural juices long before it became trendy. A 16 oz. blended juice will run you about $3.75. The juice bar also includes hot vegetarian meals, vegan cakes and, yes, even vegan empanadas. The friendly wait staff will often spark up conversations with its customers as the seats on the juice bar are limited.

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Richard’s Fruit Center

124 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 329-4197
*No Website*

The power of the pear milk shake is what draws the Downtown office workers into Richard’s Fruit Center. The 16-oz. pear shake will run you about $2.50. Other favorites include the mango, strawberry and papaya smoothie. And, yes, the business is named after its owner Richard.

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Vegetarian Delight Juice Bar

6060 Miramar Pkwy.
Miramar, FL 33023
(954) 241-7402
*No Website*

For a taste of the islands, head over to the Jamaican fruit juice store that offers a wide variety of natural juices and also includes a complete Jamaican vegetarian menu. Yes, this restaurant confirms that it is possible.

(Source: Tropical Smoothie)

Tropical Smoothie Café

1922 Cordova Rd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 523-2268

From the coffee nut smoothie to the exotic Get Up and Goji smoothie, this juice bar is a franchise, but serves up a large variety of blended mixes. The bar also lives up to its name  — the cafe portion offers a wide variety of sandwiches and the toasted wraps have creative names from King Caesar to Jamaican Jerk.