There’s never a quiet period of the year for tourism in Miami, and when it comes to the holidays and the busiest times to travel, Miami International Airport will not let you down. Enjoy the pre-flight wait or a long layover at any of these fine bars and restaurants.

La Carreta

North Terminal, Gate D37
(305) 869-3003

It wouldn’t be a true Miami airport without a representation of La Carreta. This restaurant, with nine locations throughout Dade and Broward Counties, is ‘Miami’s Original Cuban Kitchen’ as a staple for Cuban cuisine. Croquetas, cortaditos, biztec empanizados, jugos and a flan that has been acclaimed as one of the best by the Miami New Times, are all available in generous portions and reasonable prices for the die-hard Caribbean food aficionado. Also, order a beverage to wash down your meal before the flight. Beer and wines are aplenty on the menu, and if you want to do it like a real Miamian, order a Presidente or a Corona.

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Icebox Café

North Terminal, Gate D8
(305) 871- 6882

Icebox Café has been open since 2010, bringing upscale customer service to patrons. Whether you choose from the daily specials or you decide on a Grab & Go meal to take on the plane, enjoy a blend of European and American infused salads and sandwiches in a hip and posh ambiance. Desserts and cupcakes are a must to delight your palate before boarding a crowded flight or after landing from your Caribbean vacation while waiting for your next connection. To go the extra mile, you can pre-order your in-flight meal with a 24-hour notice and pick it up directly at the gate before departure. But if looking to take a load off, enjoy a glass of wine offered in multiple varieties for only $8 a piece.

Bacardi Mojito Bar

North Terminal, Gate D53
(305) 869-4159

The finest selection of rums by the house, from superior to anejo to limon for the daring, is paired with flair created by celebrity Latina chef Lorena Garcia. The menu is a mix of Caribbean and Latin American flavors that enhance the characteristics of the spirits, all in modern, linear and manly ambiance. Needless to say, the mojito with its original recipe of mint leaves crushed with sugar, rum and the lime wedge as decoration is that unique pick-me-up after missing a connection or killing some time during a long layover.

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(Source:Top of the Port Restaurant)

Top of the Port Restaurant

Miami International Airport Hotel
Terminal E, 7th Floor
(305) 871-4100

Tables seating offer views of Miami overlooking the runways, fresh sushi, seafood and stone crabs (when in season). Top of the Port Restaurant is another level of food you might not typically expect from an airport establishment. The restaurant is a remarkable place to enjoy a Pinot Grigio while in transit or to pop a bottle of champagne in celebration of a business deal.


North Terminal, Gate D24
(305) 869-1961

It’s is easy to say cheese tray and wine and think French brasserie, however this time you are at Beaudevin in the middle of a chaotic international airport. The 30 wines you can select from run the gamut of Chianti to Rieslings to Cabernet and even more refined reserves. You may order by the glass and by the bottle, depending on how much you need to calm down for your next flight. If you enjoy wine tastings, order a flight of three-ounce bottles. You may adjust your palate to the variety of wines by ordering off the small-plates menu, served in small portions.

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