It's A Girl! Daddy Rhino Helps Announce Baby Rhino's Gender At Zoo MiamiIt’s a girl! Zoo Miami held a gender reveal party Friday for a rare baby Indian Rhinoceros and the baby’s daddy “Suru” helped take part in the big announcement.
Baby Rhino Makes Public Debut At Zoo Miami Gender Reveal CelebrationIs it a boy or a girl? That is what everyone at Zoo Miami will find out on Friday at a gender reveal party for a rare baby Indian Rhinoceros.
Critical Surgery Performed On Juvenile Pygmy Hippo At Zoo MiamiA pygmy hippopotamus who became a media star and visitor favorite at Zoo Miami when he was born on August 4, 2018 continues to recover Sunday after undergoing critical surgery to repair a birth defect that had the potential of becoming a life-threatening condition.
Equipment Malfunction Blamed For Death Of Young African Painted Dog At Zoo MiamiZoo Miami officials announced the tragic death of a young African painted dog on Monday morning.
Baby Endangered Tree Kangaroo Peeks Out Of Mother's Pouch For Mother's Day Weekend at Zoo MiamiJust in time for Mother’s Day weekend, an endangered Matchie’s tree kangaroo joey from New Guinea has begun to peek out of its mother’s pouch at Zoo Miami. 
Zoo Miami's Ron Magill On Historic Indian Rhinoceros BirthZoo Miami is celebrating its newest addition, a rare newborn Indian Rhinoceros. It is a historic moment for the Zoo and the world because it is the first successful breeding of this rare species using both insemination and induced ovulation.
Historic Birth Of Endangered Rhino At Zoo MiamiZoo Miami officials are proud to announce the "historic" addition of an endangered baby rhino.
Zoo Miami Chimpanzees Get Physical Exams But Prognosis Not Good For OneEveryone should get a physical exam and that includes the chimpanzees at Zoo Miami but for one chimp, the prognosis is not promising.
Zoo Miami Reveals New Litter Of African Painted Dog PuppiesZoo Miami is showing off its adorable new residents, a litter of highly endangered African Painted Dog puppies.
Time To Get Wild At Zoo Miami's Feast With The BeastsOne of South Florida’s most anticipated events is returning to Zoo Miami on March 15. 
Zoo Miami Mourns Loss Of Elderly African Elephant "Cita"Zoo Miami is mourning the loss of one of their “Golden Girls”, a 51-year-old female African elephant named Cita who died Friday evening after having a confrontation with another elephant.
Zoo Miami's Young Pygmy Hippo Undergoes Medical ExamHow do you give a hippopotamus a medical exam? Very carefully but at least this hippo is still a baby.
20 Foster Children In Need Of Forever HomesA handful of professionals donated their time at Zoo Miami on Friday to help 20 foster children in need of a forever home.
Zoo Miami's Milo The Koala In 'Excellent Health'; Ready To Meet Female KoalaMilo, a Queensland Koala at Zoo Miami, is in excellent health. That is the outstanding diagnosis after the 7-year-old animal underwent a medical exam Wednesday.
Zoo Miami Gorilla Undergoes Extensive Physical ExamHow do you give a gorilla a physical? Very carefully of course!