Rafael's Rains Lash Leeward IslandsRain from Tropical Storm Rafael continues to pelt the northern Leeward Island.
Little Change In Strength Overnight For OscarTropical Storm Oscar showed little change in strength overnight as it continued to chug northwest over the far eastern Atlantic Ocean.
Hurricane Nadine Continues East Toward AzoresHurricane Nadine is holding its own as a Category 1 hurricane moving east in the central Atlantic Ocean.
Nadine On The Verge Of Becoming A Hurricane Tropical Storm Nadine could very well strengthen into a hurricane on Thursday.
Depression Strengthens Into Tropical Storm Nadine In Central AtlanticHours after the National Hurricane Center began tracking Tropical Depression #14 in the Central Atlantic, it strengthened into Tropical Storm Nadine.
Michael Holding Steady As A HurricaneMichael has made a turn to the northwest and is beginning to weaken over the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but is still holding on to hurricane strength.
Leslie Races Toward NewfoundlandTropical Storm Leslie strengthened slightly as it continues to move towards Newfoundland.
Hurricane Michael Forecast To Take NW TurnHurricane Michael is maintaining a large-sized eye as it continues to move slowly to the west.
Leslie Sets Sites On Newfoundland Tropical Storm Leslie’s winds are lashing Bermuda as it passes east of the island.
Hurricane Michael Drifts Northwest, Still Just A 'Fish Storm'Hurricane Michael continues doing what it has done best: being a "fish storm".
Michael Holding Steady As Category 2 Hurricane In Central AtlanticHurricane Michael has weakened slightly, but is still a Category Two storm.
Hurricane Leslie Stationary South Of Bermuda There was no change in strength overnight as Hurricane Leslie continued to creep to the north.
Michael's Winds Intensify, Storm Upgrades To HurricaneTropical Storm Michael intensified to a hurricane Wednesday night as it continues to move slowly to the northeast in the central Atlantic.
Hurricane Leslie Slowly Drifting NorthLeslie is now a hurricane and continues to slowly make its way northward.
Tropical Storm Leslie Continues A Slow Drift North Tropical Storm Leslie is becoming a little better organized as it continues to drift toward the north with no change in strength.