Boat Overturns With Five Passengers On BoardA boat turned over Friday leaving those on board sitting on the sinking ship waiting to be rescued.
Bieber A No-Show At Local High School PromBuzz about the Biebs was swirling at Miami Senior High's prom Friday night after reports that superstar Justin Bieber might attend.
PortMiami Tunnel Set To Open In MayThe PortMiami Tunnel project will soon be open to traffic after years of construction.
Cancer Survivors Meet Orangutan With Similar Battle A group of cancer survivors met an orangutan on Sunday who went through a similar life-threatening battle.
Two Liger Cubs Born At Jungle Island Jungle Island welcomed two newborn liger cubs earlier this week.
Massive Drill Finishes Westbound Tunnel At Port MiamiA milestone in the construction of the Miami Tunnel at Port Miami. Monday morning, around 8 a.m., a massive drill nicknamed Harriet broke through on Watson Island and completed the westbound tunnel.
Port Tunnel Drill Heading Towards The LightIn a few days, perhaps sometime Monday, a huge drill bit - a round, iron digging device more than four stories high - will pop out of the earth on Watson Island, completing the second leg of the Miami Tunnel, the roundtrip, underground route connecting the mainland to Port Miami.
PortMiami Tunnel Boring Machine Has "Break Out" MomentConstruction of the new $1 billion PortMiami tunnel reached a milestone Tuesday when “Harriet”, the giant tunnel boring machine digging under Government Cut, reached the halfway point.
PortMiami Tunnel Boring Machine To Have "Break Out" MomentConstruction of the new $1 billion PortMiami tunnel is expected to reach a milestone Tuesday when the tunnel boring machine breaks through Dodge Island.
Jungle Island Puts Expansion Plans On HoldAfter telling the city for months that a major expansion was what they needed to get back in the black, Jungle Island has done an about face.
Planes Vandalized On Watson IslandVandals did approximately $4,000 in damage to two planes parked at the sea plane base behind the Miami Children’s Museum on Watson Island.