Lake Okeechobee At Lowest Level In 4 YearsThe water level in Lake Okeechobee has fallen below 10 feet above sea level for the first time since 2007. South Florida is experiencing a drought. The rainy season began May 26 but it's off to a slow start.
Rainy Season Can't Start Soon EnoughIt's going to be more than just a little rain to bring South Florida's water-levels back to where they should be.
Guide To S. Fla. Water RestrictionsSouth Florida water managers say drought conditions are worsening from Orlando to the Keys. The South Florida Water Management District says water levels in Lake Okeechobee have dipped below 12 feet above sea level for the first time this year. The lake is South Florida's primary backup water supply.
Like It Hot? Records Could Fall MondayWe all know it's dry. Now it's getting hot in South Florida, hot enough to break records, as the cold fronts that made winter mostly pleasant are starting to become less frequent, and much weaker, in the Sunshine State.
Watch That Water; New Restrictions In EffectIf you want to water your lawn, you need to check the calendar in parts of South Florida. New water restrictions went into effect Saturday in Broward and Palm Beach counties, at least on paper, but it's not certain who will be enforcing them.
Water Managers To Consider Tougher RestrictionsSouth Florida may be on the verge of tighter water restrictions as a record-breaking dry spell endures.
Key West Unseasonably Wet During Dry SeasonWhile most of South Florida continues in a dry spell that could lead to water restrictions in the next few months, Key West is on the flip side experiencing heavy rainfall… at least for Monday.