Trump: 'Why Are We Having All These People From S***hole Countries Come Here?' WaPo ReportsPresident Trump said today we should stop taking people from "s***hole" countries like Africa and Haiti, according to the Washington Post.
Washington Post Says It Busted Fake Roy Moore AccuserThe Washington Post says it was the target of a "sting" operation meant to discredit its reporting on sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Republican Judge Roy Moore. 
Conservative Group Linked To Woman Who Falsely Accused MooreA strange twist in the ongoing situation involving Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and allegations that he sexually assaulted underage women.
Marco Rubio Goes On Twitter Tirade About Washington Post & Their "Sources"Sen. Marco Rubio went on a Twitter tirade Monday night against the Washington Post and some of their articles.
Coral Springs Family Devastated After Iran Hostage Is "Left Behind"The family of Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who was taken hostage in Iran in 2007, has spoken out after learning that Levinson was not one of four prisoners freed by the Iranian government as part of a prison swap deal with the U.S. on Saturday.
Lee: Cavs Keeping Mozgov On Bench "Kept Them In The Game"
Report: Florida Among Best Bridges And Roads In NationFlorida is getting props for having above par roads and bridges.
Report: American Wages Haven't Grown Since 2000Much of the debate over the state of the economy in recent years has been the oft repeated phrase that the middle class is quickly dying in the United States. It turns out, that may be reality, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute.
Washington Post Debunks Romney Job NumbersRepublican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s claim that he will create 12 million jobs is coming under increased scrutiny after the candidate repeatedly used the number in recent debates.
New Poll Shows Obama Up In FloridaA new Washington Post poll shows President Obama leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by a margin of 51 to 47 percent among likely voters in Florida.
Five Service Members From SOUTHCOM May Be Involved In Secret Service ScandalFive U.S. service members assigned to the Joint Task Force Summit of the Americas in support of the United States Secret Service violated curfew established by the U.S. Senior Defense official in Colombia and may have been involved in inappropriate conduct.