Florida Legislators Get $19.2 Million To Further Secure Voting SystemsFlorida’s top elections official Thursday expressed confidence, but not “overconfidence,” about this year’s elections as legislators accepted $19.2 million to bolster voting systems.
Twin Sisters Are Both Running For Office, But In Opposite PartiesTwin sisters Monica Sparks and Jessica Ann Tyson are so much alike that both running for public office in Michigan.
Parkland Students In Wisconsin As 'Road To Change' Bus Tour ContinuesStudents from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are taking their drive for change on the road.
Florida An Outlier On Restoring Felons’ RightsFlorida voters will soon decide if a convicted felon who has served time and paid restitution should have his or her voting rights restored.
Federal Judge Orders Florida To Make Voting Rights ChangesVoting rights are something to be taken very seriously.
Florida Voters Will Be Asked To Restore Felon Voting RightsVoting is a right but it’s also a privilege, one that many people believe should be afforded to every American.
Florida May Counter "Growing Threat" To Election SecurityVoter fraud has been getting a lot of attention in recent years.
State Still Silent About Voter Data RequestGov. Rick Scott's administration is still not saying whether Florida will fulfill the White House's request for the state's voter rolls.
State Supreme Court Considers Restoration Of Criminals' Voting RightsThe restoration of voting privileges for convicted criminals is the focus of a proposed amendment being considered by the Florida Supreme Court.
Broward Blames Slow Poke System For Voting DelaysThe votes are counted in Broward County but not without some bumps. It took longer than some liked.
Election Response Task Force Monitors Miami-Dade VotingDozens of investigators fanned out Tuesday across precincts throughout Miami-Dade to monitor voting and to look for irregularities.
Broward Voting One For The Record Books This Election As Broward's canvassing board was poring over questionable mail-in ballots, there's no question it's been a vote for the record books in the county.
Justin Timberlake's Ballot Selfie Highlights Mixed State LawsTimberlake is being forced to deal with the question of whether a ballot selfie is legal.
Trump Cheating Claims Roundly RefutedEarly voting is set to begin amid Donald Trump's ongoing rants that the election is set to be stolen.
Flood Victims Face Major Challenges As Early Voting BeginsKeith and Felician looked a the ruins of their flooded home in North Carolina. With mold growing up the walls and loose floorboards, the presidential election was the last thing on their minds.