Facing South Florida: Voting RightsThere's less than a month left to register if you plan to vote in November.
Florida Felons, Lawyers Face 'Tremendous Confusion' On Voting RightsThe state and voting rights groups are battling over how to carry out a 2018 constitutional amendment that was designed to restore voting rights for felons.
Felons Seeking Voting Rights Hard-Pressed To Pay FeesThe vast majority of people convicted of felonies in Florida can’t afford to pay court-ordered fees, fines, costs, and restitution, public defenders testified Tuesday during a high stakes voting-rights trial.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Votes To Give Felons New Way To Regain Voting RightsA new potential path to voting rights for former felons is being forged in Florida.
Judge Gives Partial Victory To Felons In Voting FightIn a battle about a constitutional amendment passed last November, a federal judge said Friday that Florida cannot deny the right to vote to felons who have served their sentences but are “genuinely unable” to pay legal financial obligations.
Judge Urges Florida Legislature To Revamp Law Restoring Felons Voting RightsCalling the process “an administrative nightmare,” a federal judge on Tuesday urged the Florida Legislature to revamp a state law aimed at carrying out a constitutional amendment that restores voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.
Federal Judge Hearing Case Tied To Felon Voting Rights In FloridaA federal judge in Tallahassee is now hearing a case tied to felon voting rights in Florida.
Felons’ Voting Fight Ratchets Up At Florida Supreme CourtIn a bundle of competing briefs filed with the state Supreme Court, Florida officials squared off this week against supporters of a constitutional amendment that restores voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.
Florida Supreme Court Set To Clarify Voting Rights For FelonsThe Florida Supreme Court waded into the legal wrangling over the voting rights of felons, agreeing Thursday to examine whether the state can continue restricting voting privileges to felons who have unpaid fines and fees.
Voting Rights Group Raising Money To Pay Former Convicts' FeesA voting rights group is raising money to help former Florida felons pay their outstanding fees and fines that could prevent them from voting.
Florida Voting Rights Group Raising Money To Pay Felons' FeesA fundraising effort is underway to help former felons regain their voting rights.