New Voter ID Rules In Florida, Other States, Raise Concerns Of Fraud & Ballot RejectionFlorida's new election law, which requires ID to vote by mail, continues to raise concerns over fraud and ballot rejection. 
Critics Slam New Vote By Mail Restrictions, Cite Voter Suppression & Violation Of First Amendment RightsBroward's Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott said new restrictive voting legislation signed by Governor Ron DeSantis will make it more difficult for some voters to cast their ballot.
Florida Lawmakers Pass Elections Bill Aimed At Making It Harder To Cast Mail BallotsWith time running out before the end of this year’s legislative session, Florida lawmakers signed off Thursday night on a controversial elections bill that would make it harder for voters to cast ballots by mail.
Controversial Vote-By-Mail Changes Approved By Florida SenateWith Democrats likening the measure to Jim Crow-era practices aimed at keeping Black people from voting, the state Senate on Monday passed an elections package that would make it harder for Floridians to cast ballots by mail.
Florida's Contentious Vote-By-Mail Overhaul Ready For Senate VoteOne of the 2021 legislative session’s most-controversial issues, a sweeping elections package that would make it harder for Floridians to vote by mail, is headed to the Senate floor for a vote, after a Republican-dominated committee signed off on the proposal Tuesday.
House Vote-By-Mail Proposal Gets OverhaulA controversial elections bill focused largely on the state’s vote-by-mail process underwent an overhaul Thursday in the Florida House, but critics say it still poses unnecessary barriers to voters.
GOP Continues Push To Rewrite Florida's Vote-By-Mail SystemRepublicans in the Florida Legislature continued their drive to rewrite the state’s vote-by-mail system, despite acknowledging that the state's presidential contest last fall was a national model.
Florida GOP Senators Back Vote-By-Mail OverhaulWith backing from Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Florida Senate committee on Wednesday approved a wide-ranging proposal to revamp vote-by-mail laws, including banning the use of drop boxes and taking aim at a practice known as “ballot harvesting.”
Vote-By-Mail Change Sparks Senate DebateAfter Florida has received widespread praise for its handling of the 2020 election, Republicans and Democrats clashed Tuesday as a Senate committee approved a bill that would require voters to more frequently request vote-by-mail ballots.
USPS: No New Undelivered Ballots Found On Election Day After Sweep Of South Florida Mail FacilitiesNew details have emerged on a judge's order that the U.S. Postal Service sweep facilities across the country, including South Florida.
‘Count Every Vote’: State Rep. Kionne McGhee Sounds Alarm After Ballots Found Stacked At South Dade Mail Distribution CenterOn Friday, State Rep. Kionne McGhee sounded the alarm about the mail in South Dade.