Police: Wrong-Way Driver On LSD Thought He Was Playing 'Grand Theft Auto'An Oregon man who allegedly stole a car and drove for miles going the wrong way claims he thought he was playing "Grand Theft Auto" while high on LSD.
Nintendo Is Re-Releasing The NES Classic In JuneNintendo is giving video game lovers another chance to buy the company's wildly popular retro gaming console: the NES Classic.
President Trump Suggests Violent Video Games Play Role In Actual ViolenceThe President is focusing on a decades-old issue.
WHO To Recognize Gaming Disorder As Mental Health Condition In 2018Being hooked on playing video games could soon be officially classified as a mental health issue.
Study Suggests Hackers Could Use Brainwave Tech To Steal Your PasswordsHackers can use brainwave-sensing headsets, used in toys and video games, to steal your passwords, a new study suggests.
Orlando Ranks "Best In US" For Video GamersMove over New York, Atlanta and Seattle, the best place in the country for video gamers is in Orlando.
After Gamergate, Female Video Game Developers On The RiseStudents from an all-women arts college stood out while they attended a conference for video game developers last year but that may be changing.
Lohan Sues Over 'Grand Theft Auto V' GameLindsay Lohan is suing the makers of the "Grand Theft Auto" video games. The actress says the latest installment used her image and created a character based on her without her permission.
Twitch Live Game Broadcasting Coming To Xbox One Xbox One will soon be Twitchier than the PlayStation 4.
Video Gaming Becoming A Spectator SportVideo games have become more popular than ever but now people have turned to watching others play for entertainment.
Empathy Video Games Change Players ThinkingThere is a new type of video game out and it’s one that doesn’t involve violence. Instead, players experience and fight ‘real life’ problems.