Trump Administration's Venezuela Embargo Looks To Harm Maduro RegimeIt has been characterized as maybe an ‘embargo light’ aimed at Venezuelan military and government officials and front companies who are selling off Venezuelan oil and gold.
President Trump Imposes Total Economic Embargo On VenezuelaPresident Donald Trump has announced the US would expand its existing sanctions against Venezuela with an executive order to impose a total economic embargo against the country.
Department Of Transportation Suspends All US-Venezuela FlightsThe United States Department of Transportation ordered the suspension of all air travel between the US and Venezuela, including passenger and cargo flights.
Cuba Announces Rationing Of Food And Hygiene Products Amid US SanctionsThe Trump Administration is being blamed for new food rations in Cuba.
US Steps Up Pressure On Venezuela's Maduro RegimeThe Trump administration is outlining new steps to get Venezuela's military leaders to turn on socialist president Nicolas Maduro.
Venezuela's Juan Guaidó Admits He Needs More Military Support; Trump Warns Of Worse To ComeVenezuela's interim President Juan Guaidó admitted that this week's anti-government protests lacked the support of enough military defectors to topple the Nicolas Maduro regime.
Emilio Estefan, Miami Mayor Suarez Hold Prayer Vigil Friday For Venezuelan PeopleAs Venezuela's interim President Juan Guaidó continues to push for the ouster of the Maduro regime and protesters take to the streets, Venezuelans in South Florida are keeping a close on what is going on in their homeland.
South Florida Venezuelans Watching Events In Homeland With Hope For ChangeVenezuelans across South Florid have been watching the news reports concerning their homeland with keen interest as the situation seems to change almost minute by minute.
Protests In Venezuela Continue; US Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Says Military Action 'Possible'US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated Wednesday that US military action in Venezuela is an option.
South Florida Politicians Voice Support For People Of Venezuela, Interim President Juan GuaidóVenezuelans living in South Florida are excited as they watch live coverage of what’s happening on the streets of Caracas.
Trump Issues Stern Warning To Cuba Over Venezuelan Crisis; Maduro Prepared To Leave For Cuba, US SaysUS President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon a stern warning to Cuba over its involvement in Venezuela.
Florida Native, Todd Leininger, Released After 5 Years In Venezuelan JailsThe unrest in Venezuela has led to the arrests of multiple Americans in the country. One Florida native, detained during this turmoil, was released after five years of imprisonment in Venezuelan jails.
Sen. Rick Scott Holds Discussion On Venezuela In DoralSenator Rick Scott will hold a discussion with the Venezuelan community and the wife of interim president Juan Guaidó's chief of staff.
Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó Stripped Of Immunity By Venezuelan LawmakersVenezuelan lawmakers have stripped opposition leader Juan Guaidó of his immunity from prosecution.
Venezuela's High Court Wants To Strip Juan Guaidó Of His ImmunityThe Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice has called on the National Constituent Assembly to strip the opposition leader Juan Guaidó of his parliamentary immunity.