Freshman GOP Rep. Curbelo Diagnosed With Whooping CoughFlorida Rep. Carlos Curbelo has been diagnosed with whooping cough.
Thousands Will Die From Flu This Year, Doctors PredictAlthough concerns are mounting across the nation of Ebola exposure, doctors fear the focus could be diverting attention from another potential threat: the flu.
Miami Doctor Back From Fighting Ebola In West AfricaA Florida International University doctor is back from fighting Ebola in West Africa.
More US Girls Now Getting Cervical Cancer Vaccine More teen girls are getting a controversial cervical cancer vaccine but the increase isn't much of a bump, the government reported Thursday.
Study: Alcohol Can Boost Your Immune SystemThis time of year is often celebrated with a glass of win--or two. While moderation remains key, researchers have found that drinking alcohol may actually boost your immune system.
Measles Cases Jump In U.S.Parents of unvaccinated children should watch out because for the first time since the mid-1990’s, measles cases are up significantly in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Study: Shingles Vaccine Use Should Be WidespreadA new study of more than 300 thousand elderly patients shows that a shingles vaccine can decrease the frequency of an outbreak by more than half, even in the elderly.
Flu Spreads Across Some Southern StatesFlu season is spreading across the nation, especially in southern states, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control.