Gov. Ron DeSantis To Unemployed: Start Looking For A JobUnemployed Floridians receiving state benefits will soon have to provide proof that they're looking for a job.
Florida Senators To Consider Raising Unemployment BenefitsA Senate committee next week will consider a proposal that would raise maximum state unemployment benefits to $375 a week.
Florida Jobless Claims Down Last WeekFirst-time jobless claims dropped last week in Florida, as the state is set to issue a monthly report Friday that will detail unemployment data amid a rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases.
State Approved For Fourth Week Of $300 "Lost Wages" Benefit To Unemployed FloridiansThe Federal Lost Wages Assistance Program will be providing financial help to unemployed Floridians for a fourth week. 
Are You Eligible? You Could Receive An Extra $300 In 'Lost Wages' BenefitEarlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced anyone who is eligible will automatically receive their three weeks of benefits, at $300 each.
Florida To Begin Paying Extra $300 "Lost Wages" Benefit To Unemployed FloridiansEligible unemployed Floridians are about to get a little relief under the Federal Lost Wages Assistance Program.  Earlier this week, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced anyone who is eligible will automatically receive their three weeks of benefits, at $300 each.
Federal Jobless Benefits Approved For FloridaFlorida’s request to tap into federal money to provide additional unemployment benefits has been approved, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said over the weekend.
Jobless Americans Surviving On Less Than $200 A Week In Some StatesMillions of laid-off Americans are now trying to pay for housing, put food on the table and pay other expenses only on state unemployment benefits -- a weekly cut of at least half in every state.
Coronavirus Impact: Florida Unemployment Jumps 180K As System Still OverwhelmedMore than 180,000 Floridians filed claims with the state's overwhelmed and struggling unemployment system last week.
Filing For Unemployment Benefits? Here's What You Need To KnowUnemployment benefits are becoming a financial lifeline for millions of Americans after their employers shut their doors to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.
Fla. To Pay Thousands Of Held-up Jobless Claims Thousands of unemployed South Floridians will finally be getting their benefits checks after the state's troubled new system had held them up.