Uber, Lyft, NextGen Florida Offering Free Rides To The Polls On Election DayUber and Lyft and NextGen Florida will be giving free rides to the polls on Election Day.
Uber Launches Monthly Subscription Service For Discounted Rates In Miami, 4 Other CitiesUber just introduced a new, monthly subscription that lets riders avoid unexpected surge pricing and Miami is one of five cities where the service is being rolled out.
Uber Agrees To $148M Settlement With States, Including Florida, Over Data BreachFlorida is included in a major settlement deal by Uber which has agreed to pay $148 million and take steps to tighten data security, after the ride-hailing company failed for a year to notify drivers that hackers had stolen their personal information.
Some Lyft Drivers Put Brakes On Union At Disney WorldSome drivers who transport Walt Disney World visitors around the theme park resort after being summoned by a Lyft app want to put the brakes on joining a union.
Uber Announces New Safety Features Uber is rolling out new safety features to rebuild trust in the brand.
Uber Driver Claims Self-Defense In Fatal ShootingThe fatal confrontation, captured on Westlake's dash camera, was what the Polk County sheriff called a "classic 'stand your ground' case."
Uber Driver Claims Self-Defense In Fatal ShootingAn Uber driver claimed self-defense after he fatally shot a man who trailed his car and tried run him off the road, authorities said Wednesday.
Man Starts 'Amish Uber' Ride Service With His Horse And BuggyUsing his horse and buggy, Timothy Hochstedler has opened his own business called "Amish Uber."
Flying Cars Are In Our FutureVehicles that can fly are becoming a reality and in the coming years your commute to work may include air travel.
Uber Drivers Accused Of 'Vomit Fraud' By Overcharged PassengersDrivers are being accused of "vomit fraud," as many of the Uber employees allegedly claim their passengers threw up in the car after being picked up from a night of partying.
Uber Confirms Man Killed In Allapattah Crash Was Driving For CompanyThe children of Louis Cancio say the 68-year-old father and grandfather was a loving, genuine and hardworking man.
Uber Driver Sentenced To 22 Years For Raping PassengerAn Uber driver has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for of raping a woman he drove home from SunFest in West Palm Beach last year.
Police: Uber Driver Hits Passenger With Bat After Being Told He's Going Wrong WayAn Uber driver in Tennessee didn't react well to being told he was driving the wrong way and allegedly hit his passenger with a baseball bat.
Florida Man Spends Week In Jail Before Prosecutors Admit They Had The Wrong GuyA Central Florida man’s nightmare behind bars is over after South Florida persecutors admitted they had the wrong guy.
Uber Shifting Gears On Sexual MisconductUber is shifting gears with a major policy change. They will now allow allegations of rape or assault to be tried in open court, rather than settled secretly in closed-door arbitration.