‘Sonic Attack’ On US Diplomats In Cuba Sounded Like Shrieking CricketsA recording of what some U.S. embassy workers heard in Havana, believed to be the cause of their serious injuries, has been released.
American Injured By Unexplained Attacks In Cuba Says US Response Was Handled ‘Poorly’One of the 22 Americans injured by unexplained attacks in Cuba told CBS News the U.S. response was handled "poorly."
Lawmakers Demanding More Answers About Who & What Sickened Diplomats At Cuban EmbassyLawmakers are demanding more answers about who and what caused serious health problems for American diplomats in Cuba. 
Medical Records Reveal US Diplomats In Cuba Diagnosed With Serious Health ConditionsNew details have emerged about the U.S. diplomats believed to have been attacked by a mystery sonic weapon in Cuba.
Cuban Government Denies Involvement In Diplomats' 'Mysterious Symptoms'The U.S. is investigating what caused American diplomats in Cuba to experience mysterious symptoms.
U.S. Embassy Clears Up Controversial Website Post About Cuba TravelTravel to Cuba has been a hot topic in South Florida – especially when local travelers heard about a peculiar post on the U.S. Embassy's website.
Born In America To Cuban Parents? Cuba Still Doesn’t See You As U.S. CitizenThe U.S. Embassy has highlighted some bizarre practices by the Cuban government that could trip up Cuban-American citizens traveling to the island nation.
President Obama Speaks To UN, Will Meet With Castro TuesdayPresident Barack Obama arrived in New York Sunday for the United Nations General Assembly, this week’s gathering of world leaders.
U.S., Cuba Restore Full Diplomatic RelationsAt the stroke of midnight, full diplomatic relations were restored between the United States and Cuba. The new era began with little fanfare, the diplomatic missions of each country were upgraded from interests sections to embassies.
Obama Announces U.S., Cuba Embassy OpeningsIn a historic change of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, President Barack Obama has announced that the two countries have agreed to open embassies in each others capitals.
Jeb Bush Embraces Obama Conspiracy TheoryFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush has not typically been one to repeat wild conspiracy theories in the past. But that’s exactly what he did this week when he repeated a wild story making the rounds on the fringes of the right wing.