U.S., Cuba Check In On Status Of Normalized RelationsCuban and U.S. officials will meet in Havana Monday to discuss the ongoing normalization of relations between both countries.
Local Polling Firm Partner Discusses Important Topics Across Miami-Dade CommunitiesPolls are a good way to see how people are feeling about their community, important issues and elections.
U.S. Embassy Clears Up Controversial Website Post About Cuba TravelTravel to Cuba has been a hot topic in South Florida – especially when local travelers heard about a peculiar post on the U.S. Embassy's website.
Born In America To Cuban Parents? Cuba Still Doesn’t See You As U.S. CitizenThe U.S. Embassy has highlighted some bizarre practices by the Cuban government that could trip up Cuban-American citizens traveling to the island nation.
Exclusive: One Year Of Freedom: One-On-One With Alan Gross, Pt. 2He faced a sentence of 15 years behind bars in a Cuban prison. But for American Alan Gross, the cruelest cut was remaining a captive as his mother -- a world away -- was dying and asking for him.
Exclusive: One Year Of Freedom: One-On-One With Alan Gross, Pt. 1Alan Gross is perhaps the most high-profile American prisoner to be jailed in Cuba. He went one-on-one with CBS4's Michele Gillen.
Obama Administration Loosens Cuba Embargo With New MeasuresThe Obama administration has yet again loosened the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba.
American TV Show Makes History With Shoot In CubaShowtime's "House of Lies" is making history in Cuba. It’s the first scripted American TV show to shoot on the island since the Cuban embargo began more than 50 years ago.
Can Cuba Handle Big Boom Of American Tourism?President Obama called on Congress this week to lift the decades-old trade embargo on Cuba. U.S.-Cuban relations have thawed and tourism has increased, but it's still unclear when Americans will be able to travel freely to the nation that was historically off limits, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.
USCG: Cuban Migration To U.S. Up By 350 %The amount of Cubans making their way to the U.S. by sea is up by 350 %, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
Dade Prepped To Receive Cubans Stranded In Central AmericaThousands of Cubans stranded in Central America may have a home in Miami-Dade soon.