1 Arrested, 2 Others Detained In Nuclear Engineer's Stabbing DeathAs friends come to grips with the stabbing death of Alexander Restrepo, Miami-Dade Police have made another arrest.
‘Help Us Bring Justice’: Family Asks For Info On Nuclear Engineer’s Stabbing DeathA South Florida family is making a new plea for help after their loved one was stabbed and left to die.
Nuclear Engineer Stabbed To Death After House PartyA young nuclear engineer was stabbed and left to die after a house party – and police have no idea who did it.
FPL Expects 4.1 Million Customers To Suffer Power OutagesFlorida Power & Light expecting 4.1 million customers to be affected by power outages during Hurricane Irma. That’s about 9 million people.
Tampa Man Accused Of Plotting Turkey Point Terror AttackA Tampa man is accused of plotting terror attacks in South Florida.
Legal Setback For FPL's Turkey Point Nuclear ProjectAn appeals court has overturned a decision by Gov. Rick Scott and the state Cabinet that could have helped clear the way for Florida Power & Light to add two nuclear reactors in Miami-Dade County.
Senate Committees To Meet On Turkey Point Canal ControversyTwo Senate committees have scheduled a joint meeting to discuss issues related to a cooling-canal system at Florida Power & Light's Turkey Point nuclear complex.
Miami Senator Wants Review Of Biscayne Bay ContaminationSenator Anitere Flores wants the state Senate's leaders to establish a select committee to review the recent discovery of a radioactive isotope in Biscayne Bay linked to Florida Power & Light's Turkey Point nuclear power plant.
Gov. Scott Approves FPL Request To Pump Aquifer Water Into Turkey Point Cooling CanalsFlorida Power & Light’s request to utilize an additional 14 million gallons per day of non-potable water for use in its Turkey Point Nuclear Plant’s cooling canal system has been granted.
Environmental Groups To Sue FPL Over Reported Turkey Point LeakOn the heels of a Miami-Dade County report that found Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point Nuclear power plant has been leaking dangerous wastewater into Biscayne Bay, environmental activist groups announced Tuesday plans to file a federal lawsuit against FPL.
Study: FPL Nuclear Plant Canals Leaking Into Biscayne BayA new study found high levels of a radioactive isotope in Biscayne Bay, confirming suspicions Turkey Point's aging canals are leaking into the national park.