Sports Agenda for Wednesday (10/9/13)The Dolphins are in trouble, even though they’re on the bye week. The Canes are sitting pretty and already looking towards November. The big game this weekend for me is in Athens, Georiga and I’m feeling upset. Plus Texas’ Mack Brown will make his final stand this Saturday, but will it be like Custer’s?
Sports Agenda For Wednesday 10/2/13The Fins come back to earth after Monday’s demolition at the hands of the Saints, but are they overrated? The Buccaneers are a mess and there’s only one way out. College football attendance is down this year, even in the SEC, Savannah State can explain why. And, what would a government shutdown be without a special comment?
Sports Agenda for Thursday 9/26/13It’s kind of slow overnight in the local sports world, but Kevin Durant tweaked D-Wade. It’s football time again this week, so time for some picks. And anything else we can shake a stick at ahead in the agenda.
Sports Agenda for Wednesday (9/25/13)Kind of an abbreviated agenda this morning as your fearless writer is dealing with a migraine headache. The Marlins finally did it! The Canes are ready to blow out the Bulls on Saturday. Can the Fins fix the run defense, or does it matter against the Saints? The Canes and the rest of the college football world wait. And why Ted Cruz is dumber than a sack of bricks.
Sports Agenda for Tuesday 9/24/13FIU’s president makes a mind-numbing comment over his athletic program. The Dolphins escape a major injury on the defensive line. The Orioles lost a key piece of their playoff puzzle in Manny Machado. The Marlins still won’t lose that 100th game. And UCF could be loaded to pull an upset of the weekend.
Sports Agenda for Monday (9/23/13)Now that was a fun weekend of football. The Dolphins are 3-0, yes, the Dolphins are 3-0. The Canes laid a whuppin on Savannah State, like I said. FIU got taken out behind the woodshed by Louisville. There’s a sign of apocalypse in the SEC East. And the Marlins need just one more loss to hit 100, you can do it guys! All in the Agenda.
Sports Agenda For Wednesday (9/18/13)The NFL makes an idiotic decision regarding the Super Bowl. The Dolphins offense may be able to take advantage of the Falcons’ defense. The Marlins are on pace to reach near record stink. My Heisman list after the first three weeks. Plus what I would do at the University of Texas, all in the agenda.
Sports Agenda for Tuesday (9/17/13)The Marlins are a mess, gee I’m shocked. The Dolphins are quickly catching the attention of the national media, but still not getting much respect. The Panthers are back on the ice, yes, as in hockey. The Bucs and Jaguars are flat out awful. All that and a special comment on the DC shooting in the agenda.
Sports Agenda for Tuesday (9/10/13)Mike Wallace became the center of attention this week, but it’s all good. The Marlins still stink. Monday Night Football was great last night, especially the late game. Plus, why Chip Kelly can run his offense in the NFL. And links and more in the Agenda.
Sports Agenda for Monday (9/9/13)Heckuva weekend to be a Miami sports fan huh? The Canes knock off a Top 20 team. The Dolphins start the year off with a win. Course the Marlins screw it up and lose, but hey, they’re the Marlins, that’s what they do. Pouncey is done for the season…not that one. Links and more ahead in the Agenda…or “ASK COACH!”
Sports Agenda For Thursday (9/5/13)And lo, on the fourth day, the angels sounded their trumpets and the sky opened up and a most glorious sight was to unveiled for all the world to see, the NFL regular season was back. Plus, more on UF vs. UM including my pick and all of my other weekend picks