New Florida Law Cites Drivers For Texting And DrivingStarting Monday, people can get pulled over for texting and driving.
Florida Laws On Texting While Driving, Hemp Take EffectMany of the bills passed by the Florida Legislature will go into effect Monday, impacting drivers, students, and immigrants across the state.
Danger For First Responders Is Growing Due To Distracted DriversNew research shows an increasing number of drivers are profoundly distracted by their phones when they're rolling past first responders.
Growing Number Of US States Aiming To Make Texting While Walking IllegalA new proposal working its way through the New York state is taking aim at people who walk and text.
Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs New Law Making Texting While Driving Primary OffenseDon't text and drive in the state of Florida or risk paying a fine.  Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law Friday which makes texting while driving a primary traffic offense.
Texting While Driving Bill Goes To Governor DeSantisA bill that would toughen the state’s texting-while-driving law was formally sent Thursday to Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has voiced support for the proposal.
Florida House Passes Bill Making Texting While Driving A Primary OffenseFlorida drivers may be about to receive a very big reason to keep their eyes on the road.
Florida Lawmaker Fighting To Make Texting While Driving A Primary OffenseWe’ve all seen it, people texting while they’re being the wheel. 
Florida House Backs Tougher Texting, Driving BanLaw-enforcement officers could pull over motorists they see texting and driving, under a measure approved Tuesday by the House despite concerns the change could increase racial profiling.
Tougher Texting While Driving Ban Advances In Florida LegislatureA proposal that would make it easier for police to cite motorists they see texting while driving is ready to be heard by the full House.
Florida Lawmakers Eye Tougher Ban On Texting While DrivingAn effort to put more teeth into Florida’s ban on texting while driving continued its Senate journey Monday, after lawmakers stripped out proposals that could have allowed police to pull over motorists for potential distractions such as talking on cell phones, eating hamburgers or self-grooming.