Cruz Bags Wisconsin To Close On Trump; Sanders Tops ClintonRepublican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders carried Wisconsin on Tuesday, easing to victories that made things a bit tenser for front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Cruz Looks To Wisconsin To Close Gap On TrumpThe spotlight is on Wisconsin as voters take to the polls to choose the next Republican and Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday.
Trump Tries To Win Wisconsin Without Backing Of Radio HostsRepublican front-runner Donald Trump is trying to defy conventions again but this time it's by winning an election in Wisconsin without the support of the state's influential talk radio hosts.
Trump Ready To Visit Wisconsin, But Cruz Has Head-StartRepublican front-runner Donald Trump is planning to make his first campaign visit to Wisconsin - the spot where the upcoming GOP presidential primary could mark a turning point in the race.
Ted Cruz Says "Sleazy" Donald Trump Smeared Him, Wife In TabloidsJust when you thought the campaign for president had hit rock bottom, a story in the National Enquirer about alleged affairs has now become a key issue between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, including talk of mental illness.
GOP Calling for Civility Amid Cruz, Trump War Of WordsRepublican rivals Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue their war of words but it's not about the issues and that has GOP leaders calling for a more civil campaign.
Trump, Cruz Get Into Uncomfortable Spat Over SpousesIn his spouse spat with GOP front-runner Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz borrowed a line from Hollywood to make his point.
Trump Takes Shot At Jeb Bush's Endorsement Of Ted CruzRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump offered some digs Wednesday after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination.
Jeb Bush Endorses Sen. Ted CruzFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush has formally endorsed GOP presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz.
Caitlyn Jenner's Support For Ted Cruz At Odds With Transgender CommunitySince coming out as a transgender woman a year ago, Caitlyn Jenner hasn't always been considered a unifying force in the transgender community.
Extraordinary Tactics As GOP Foes Struggle To Stop TrumpCandidates shuttled out of Florida and abandoned their vicious rhetoric — at least with each other — as the tone and central front in the increasingly desperate push to stop Donald Trump shifted on Friday.
Ben Carson Formally Endorses Donald TrumpRepublican presidential contender and front runner Donald Trump announced Friday morning that he picked up the endorsement of former candidate Ben Carson.
Stakes Are High For GOP Debate As Trump Continues To Lead PackThe stakes couldn't be higher in tonight's republican debate.
Fiorina Endorses Cruz At Miami Dade College RallyComing off a second place finishes in the Hawaii and Michigan primaries, Senator Ted Cruz has turned his attention to the Sunshine State.
Trump Wins Michigan GOP Primary; Clinton, Sanders Still VieRepublican Donald Trump won Michigan's presidential primary to keep intact his front-runner status, while Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders vied Tuesday for a large delegate haul in the industrial state where they tangled aggressively over economic issues.