Facebook Deals With Security Breach, Millions Of User Records ExposedMore than 540 million records of Facebook users were publicly exposed on Amazon's cloud computing service.
Apple Unveils New iPad Air, iPad MiniApple quietly announced new versions the iPad Air and iPad mini on Monday, the company's the first refresh for those products in years.
Services Now In Place To Block Those Annoying RobocallsSeveral cellphone providers are introducing a new technology used to get rid of annoying robocalls.
Hearing On Capitol Hill Discusses Legislation To Protect Consumer DataData privacy was the subject of a hearing Wednesday on Capitol Hill where lawmakers are looking to development legislation that would protect consumer's data.
Health Care, Tech Jobs Top List Of Highest-Paying Work In U.S.Americans eager for a high-paying job might want to focus on two industries: health care and technology.
Should Police Use Computers To Predict Crimes, Criminals?Years of secrecy by America's police departments about their use of computer programs predicting where crimes will occur, and who will commit them, are under fire in legal cases nationwide.
New App Helps Parents Interpret Their Baby's CryA new app could help parents interpret why their baby is upset based on how they cry.
Broward Sheriff's Office Unveils Drone FleetThe Broward Sheriff's Office is now employing some new high tech help.
Smartphone Detox: Why It's Critical To Disconnect In Our Digital WorldWhy a detox from your smartphone is good for your health.
Scammers Using Cell Phone Porting To Steal Your MoneyHere's a serious warning about how thieves can steal your phone number and make their way to your bank account.
Being A Cell Phone Junkie Can Change Your BrainAre you one of those people who is constantly on or checking their phone? If so, you may have a bit of nomophobia.