'She's Dripping With It': Florida Woman Accused Of Throwing Human Feces At LandlordOnly in Florida! Seriously!  A Florida woman was jailed after tossing human feces at her landlord and somehow ended up with dried excrement smeared all over her own face, authorities said.
Friday The 13th, Is This Creepy Day As Unlucky As Some Believe?Today is Friday the 13th, a date many people associate with bad luck, but is Friday the 13th as unlucky as many people believe?
Special Significance Or Cool Coincidence? Final Full Moon Of Decade Peaks On 12/12 At 12:12The last full moon of the decade could have special significance if you are into numerology.
Walmart Apologizes For Selling Christmas Sweater With Drug ReferenceWalmart is saying sorry for making available a Christmas sweater with an apparent drug reference.
Florida Bride, Bridal Party Carry Adorable, Adoptable Puppies Instead Of Floral BouquetsA Florida couple with a true love for each other, and puppies, used their wedding day to encourage others to adopt, don’t shop.
Did You Hear? Florida Police Find Owner Of Prosthetic Ear Found On BeachDid you hear the news? Police in Florida trying to find the rightful owner of a prosthetic ear that washed up on their beach got a happy phone call from South Carolina on Thursday.
Alligator Spotted With Knife Stuck In Middle Of Its HeadThe American alligator populates nearly every swamp, lake and river (and occasional kitchen) in the southeastern US. But when Erin Weaver spotted one swimming near her Houston home, she suspected it was the one in danger.
Coral Springs Man Finds Snake Slithering In His ToiletIt's probably not what you want to encounter when you use the bathroom first thing in the morning but a Coral Springs man got the scare of a lifetime after discovering a snake slithering around his toilet.
VIDEO: Man Uses Alligator To Shotgun A BeerSo there's this viral video going around on social media showing a man using an alligator to shotgun a beer.
Internet Legend & Beloved Meme Star Grumpy Cat Dies At 7Grumpy Cat, the world-famous feline whose signature frown is used in memes everywhere, has died at the age of 7, her family announced in a statement on Friday.
Doorbell Cam Captures Terrifying Moment Snake Attacks ManA doorbell camera captured the moment a snake attacked a man in a video that will make your skin crawl.