WH: Syria Is Preparing For Another Chemical Weapons AttackThe Trump administration has warned that they believe Syria's Bashar Assad is preparing for another chemical weapons attack.
Russia Threatens To Shoot Down US Fighter JetsRussia has threatened US fighter jets flying missions in parts of Syria. 
Trump: North Korea A Problem, 'Will Be Taken Care Of'A second U.S. military strike by the U.S. has prompted questions about the future and what it means for North Korea.
Cutting Trump Slack: Voters Forgive Reversals... To A PointWhat's wrong with being flexible? After all, many presidents change their minds.
Trump: US/Russia Relations At All-Time LowFollowing Syria's use of chemical weapons on civilians last week, and the U.S. response, President Donald Trump says U.S. relations with Russia are at an all-time low.
Tillerson Pushes Russia To Pick A SideAmid escalating claims over Syria, a much-anticipated sit-down between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov got underway Wednesday.
"He Was Not Using Gas On His Own People": Spicer Compares Hitler To Assad The White House said Tuesday the Syrian regime and Russia are trying to "confuse the world community about who is responsible for using chemical weapons against the Syrian people last week, killing over 80 people including children.
Tillerson In Moscow To Talk Syria, North KoreaSecretary of State Rex Tillerson landed in Moscow on Tuesday ahead of a much-anticipated sit-down with Russia's top diplomat.
Despite Strike Support, There's Concern Over What's Next In Syria- A new CBS News poll shows most Americans agree with President Donald Trump's decision to attack a Syrian air base. The move helped boost his approval rating, now at 43 percent, but there is still concern about what happens next.
Facing South Florida: Syria Reaction With Rep. Ted DeutchCBS4’s Jim DeFede interviews leading South Florida lawmakers for their reactions to the U.S. attack on Syria.
Facing South Florida: Strike On Syria ReactionCBS4’s Jim DeFede interviews leading South Florida lawmakers for their reactions to the U.S. attack on Syria.
Strikes Against Syria: Does Trump Need Permission From Congress?Does the president have, or should he have, the authority to use military force without the explicit consent of Congress?
Airstrikes On Syria Dealing 'Significant Blow' To U.S.-Russia RelationsThe Trump administration is vowing to keep up the pressure on Syria after another wave of missile strikes from U.S. war ships overnight.
Lawmakers Support Syria Air Strike But Want Congress To ParticipateFlorida lawmakers have offered support for President Donald Trump's decision to launch a military airstrike against Syria.
Trump's Syria Decision Made After Arriving In Florida President Donald Trump made the decision to strike in Syria Thursday while in Mar-a-Lago.