Local Shops Getting Creative To Combat Supply Chain Shortages SqueezeGet your gift shopping done early until this supply shortage is over. In fact, think about getting it done even earlier because in more ways than one "while supplies last" applies.
For The First Time, Farm Share Has No Turkeys To Give For Thanksgiving“We have no turkeys, absolutely no turkeys to give out during the food distributions,” Gil Zepeda with Farm Share says. “In past years, we were able to provide for those families that were not able to provide for themselves, at least something for them to look forward to.”
Supply Chain Woes Cause Auto Parts Shortage, Wreaking Havoc On Auto IndustryThe supply chain slow down continues to impact everyday life and nowhere is it more evident than service stations that repair cars and trucks.
Supply Chain Shortages: 10 Things You May Have Trouble Finding In The 2021 Holiday SeasoniPhone 13s, gaming consoles, Christmas lights and turkeys have all been caught up in the global snarl.
Supply Chain Issues: How Global Shortages Are Affecting Consumers NationwideThe supply chain is the series of steps that brings a product to a customer, but bottlenecks across the entire network are creating shortages, delays and higher prices.
Supply Chain Issues: 'There Really Are Problems Everywhere,' Even For Small CompaniesExtensive slowdowns all along the supply chain are keeping consumers from buying what they want when they want, suggesting broader problems across the economy.
Rep. Carlos Gimenez & Sen. Rick Scott Introduce 'Supply Chain Emergency Response Act' To Help Alleviate Shipping BottlenecksSouth Florida Congressman Carlos Gimenez and Florida Senator Rick Scott introduced a new bill to help with the ongoing supply chain concerns.
Finding This Year’s Most Popular Toys May Be Challenging Because Of Supply Chain IssuesAdobe Analytics predicts Americans will spend more than $200 billion online during the holidays. Much of that money will be spent on toys.
Experts Don't Anticipate National Supply Chain Crisis To End Anytime SoonMajor retailers are still dealing with supply issues. So if you plan on hosting family and friends this holiday season, you may want to start stocking up on gifts now.
Supply Chain Disruptions Blamed For Price Hikes At Grocery Stores, Restaurants & Gas PumpIn the last year, cereal and bakery goods rose 2.7 percent in cost. Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs were up a whopping 10.5 percent and fruits and vegetables were up three percent.
Experts: Expect Christmas Shopping To Be Impacted As COVID Continues To Choke Product Supply ChainAs if you didn't already know, COVID has been choking the supply chain for some of your favorite products, and now it looks like Christmas shopping will be impacted.