All Systems Go For NASA's Historic Mission To The SunAll systems are go as NASA prepares to launch a spacecraft that will travel closer to the Sun than ever before. 
NASA's Mission To 'Touch 'The Sun' Set To Launch SaturdayHumanity’s first visit to a star begins this week.
Hi-Tech Patch Helps You Monitor Effects Of Sun Exposure One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. The summer season is kicking off and there's a high tech way to monitor the effects of all that time outside.
NASA To Announce Historic Trip To The SunThere's a big announcement Wednesday from NASA which will announce its very first mission directly into the sun's atmosphere.
As Temperatures Rise, Health Officials Urge People To Stay CoolSummer in South Florida is in full swing and boy is it hot and humid. As temperatures climb here in the Sunshine State, the Florida Department of Health is encouraging safe habits to prevent against heat-related illness.
Three Space Station Astronauts Return To EarthAfter almost six months in outer space, three space station astronauts have made it back home to Earth safely.
Sun Unleashes Two Intense Solar Flares TuesdayThe sun put on quite a celestial show Tuesday as it unleashed two solar flares and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught them both on camera.
Not Wearing Sunglasses Leads To Higher Risk For Vision DamageNot wearing sunglasses leaves your eyes at risk for vision damage.
Hot And Humid Throughout The DayBe ready for a hot afternoon across South Florida with temperatures nearing the upper 80s.
Comet ISON Heads Toward Close Encounter With SunComet ISON is teasing the solar system as it dances with the sun and it's giving astronomers mixed signals.
Scientists Discover First Earth-Sized Rocky Planet Like OursScientists have found a planet way out in the cosmos that's close in size and content to Earth — an astronomical first.