Lauren's List: Summer Vacation SwapsIt's only spring, but summer is right around the corner. And that means summer vacation!
Summer Brings "Feels Like" Temps In The Triple DigitsSummer in South Florida is hot, hot, hot. Perhaps even too hot.
Summertime Sunscreen Myths BustedAs we sweat out the peak of summer, it's more important than ever to protect yourself from the sun.
Lauren's List: Summer Health Issues Are No Day At The BeachWe're in the midst of the dog days of summer, and while it's supposed to be all fun in the sun, it isn't always beach days and barbecues.
Summer Months Mean Blossoming Opportunities For Real Estate Rental ScammersEarly summer is a busy time for the real estate market.
Days Inn Offers $10K Summer Job Taking Pictures Around The U.S.A hotel chain is looking to pay one lucky traveler $10,000 to be their "sun-tern" for a month and take as many sun-drenched photos as they can.
Summer Sun: Feels Like Triple DigitsSouth Florida is experiencing dry air again Saturday, keeping little to no rain in the forecast as forecasters keep an eye on activity in the tropics.
Miami Experiences Historically Hot JulyAn end to the month can't get here any faster as Miami is in the midst of a historically hot July.
We'll Be Flirting With Record Heat This WeekendSouth Florida's sultry summer is expected to heat up this weekend and we could be flirting with record high heat.
Woof! Dog Days Of Summer Are HereThe heat is on. We had a very warm and steamy start Tuesday morning with the mid to upper 80s across South Florida.
Diseases Carried By Ticks Are On The Rise Diseases carried by ticks are on the rise and some scientists are predicting this summer could be the worst tick season in years.