St. Thomas Aquinas Teacher Denies Accusations Of Lewdly Touching Teen StudentA teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas High School is accused of touching a 15-year-old student in a lewd manner.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Semar Melvin, St. Thomas AquinasA very physical defensive back who will never back down – no matter who he is lining up against.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Devon Betty - St. Thomas AquinasGifted football talent who runs well and is willing to do what it takes to get to that next level.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Jahmar Brown – St. Thomas AquinasHaving watched this young man for much of the past three years, there is no getting around the fact that he is indeed one of the best football players in South Florida.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Tyler Steen - St. Thomas AquinasThis is one of the best in Florida, and if you watched him play, you will agree.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Jordan Battle - St. Thomas AquinasQuickness, athletic ability and enough of a physical presence where receivers have to check around and make sure where he’s at.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Jahmar Brown - St. Thomas AquinasA very athletic talent, who recently was awarded the MVP at the True19 Showcase in Palm Beach County.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Derek Wingo - St. Thomas AquinasSCOUTING: When you ask why this football program is a cut above the rest, here is a perfect reason why.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Marcus Dumervil – St. Thomas AquinasIt didn’t take this one time youth football standout long to start turning heads at the high school level.
DEFENDING THE CROWN: St. Thomas Is The 7A Favorite – AgainWhen you look at all the football programs in South Florida – and there are a number at an elite level – it’s tough to deny the fact that St. Thomas Aquinas is one of – if not – the best.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Daniel Carter - St. Thomas Aquinas One of the prospects that everyone has been talking about since he made his varsity debut as a sophomore and started to turn heads.