Unruly Spring Breakers Force Popular Clevelander Hotel Restaurant To Temporarily CloseA dangerous situation has caused the popular Clevelander Hotel restaurant to shut its doors in Miami Beach.
Miami Beach Officials & Residents Say Unruly Spring Break Crowds Are Ruining City’s ImageThe crush of spring break crowds is crushing Miami Beach’s image, according to residents and the beach administration.
Spring Breakers Keep Miami Beach Restaurants, Police BusySpring Break is in full swing and the crowds are much larger this year than they were for the same time last year.
‘Not Worth The Revenue’: Miami Beach Dan Gelber Says Rowdy Spring Breakers Can Take Their Money ElsewhereThe spring break crowds on South Beach are much larger this year than last year, which was the start of the pandemic. Now, officials are worried the increased visitors will worsen the spread of the virus.
Police: 2 Miami Beach Police Officers Injured; Several Detained, Pepper Balls Used To Disperse CrowdMiami Beach Police said two of their officers were injured Friday evening and had to be transported to a local hospital following a disturbance in South Beach.
South Florida Leaders, CDC Concerned About Spring Break Surge Of CoronavirusAs throngs of college students descend on Florida beaches for Spring Break, the Centers for Disease Control is seriously concerned about COVID-19 and that the annual gatherings could cause another surge around the U.S.
'We're Very Concerned:' Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber Worried Spring Break Crowds Could Cause COVID Super Spreader EventsThe sun and sand of South Beach is synonymous with Spring Break and as travelers from across the country begin flocking to Florida for Spring Break, there are fears that there may be an uptick in coronavirus cases again.
‘Vacation Responsibly Or You Will Be Arrested’: Miami Beach Police Issues Warning To Spring BreakersMiami Beach police say they are braced for this year’s spring break, which actually started February 15th and runs through mid-April, and are reconfiguring the shifts of officers for an eight-week period.
Broward May Authorize Fort Lauderdale To Shut Down Repeat Offender Locations During Spring BreakAnticipating a smaller but still large group of sun-seeking college students during Spring Break, Broward commissioners got together Tuesday to address coronavirus concerns.
Police Laying Down Law For South Florida Spring BreakIn about a week and a half, Spring Break gets underway with many college students planning to come to South Florida.
Miami Beach Has Zero Tolerance Policy Heading Into Spring BreakZero tolerance. That’s what Miami Beach city officials are saying about the upcoming spring break.
Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber To Spring Breakers, 'Want To Act Crazy, Please Don’t, Go Somewhere Else'We are getting close to that time again when thousands of college students flock to South Florida beaches for spring break.
Coronavirus Update: Miami Beach Spring Breaker Brady Sluder Issues Apology Over Viral CommentsOhio spring breaker Brady Sluder, whose comments on the coronavirus went viral after he brushed off the health risks of the virus saying "if I get corona, I get corona," has issued an apology.
‘The Party Is Over’: Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale Announce Restrictions To Curb Excessive Spring Break Crowds Amid Coronavirus OutbreakAt a joint press conference Sunday, the mayors of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale announced a number of coronavirus response measures to curb the excessive crowds gathering for spring break.
South Florida Officials Fear Coronavirus Impact On Spring BreakThis year's Spring Break is about to kick into high gear and Florida's beach towns are expecting big crowds.