Astronauts Flying Back To Earth Urge Boaters To Stay Away From Splashdown ZoneNASA and SpaceX are promising more Coast Guard patrols and fewer pleasure boaters for this weekend's splashdown by four astronauts.
Historic SpaceX Launch From Kennedy Space CenterLighting up the pre-dawn sky, a Falcon 9 rocket with a previously-flown first stage roared to life and shot away up the East Coast early Friday, boosting a refurbished SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule into orbit carrying four astronauts on a day-long trip to the International Space Station.
SpaceX Set To Launch 4 Astronauts On Friday After Initial Plan Nixed Due To WeatherAfter a one-day weather delay, SpaceX is scheduled to launch four astronauts to the International Space Station Friday morning in a mission that’s set to make history. 
SpaceX Crew Arrives At Cape Canaveral Ahead Of Thursday's Earth Day LaunchSpaceX’s most international crew of astronauts yet arrived at their launch site Friday in Cape Canaveral, after getting the go-ahead from NASA, for next week's planned launch.
Promise Of Private Space Travel Coming Closer To RealityThe promise of private space travel is coming closer to reality thanks to some well-known billionaires. One company is selling seats for a new craft that could take passengers above the Earth next year, while another company is trying to get to Mars.
Spacewalkers Take Extra Safety Precautions For Toxic AmmoniaSpacewalking astronauts are taking extra safety precautions after possibly getting toxic ammonia on their suits.
SpaceX Gets NASA Contract To Launch Pieces Of Future Moon Space StationThe space agency is giving SpaceX more than $330 million for the mission called "Gateway."
SpaceX Launches Dragon Supply Ship Packed With Christmas Treats & Presents To Space StationChristmas treats and presents are on the way to the International Space Station courtesy of SpaceX’s newer, bigger version of its Dragon supply ship.
Astronauts Aboard SpaceX Crew Dragon Arrive At International Space StationA team of four astronauts who blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday has arrived at the International Space Station.
Historic Mission As SpaceX, NASA Launch New Era In Human SpaceflightA SpaceX spacecraft carrying four astronauts soared into outer space from Cape Canaveral on Sunday evening. 
Astronauts Hope Tropical Storm Eta Doesn’t Delay 2nd SpaceX Crew FlightThe four astronauts part of the second SpaceX crew launch arrived at the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday.