Something Extra: The Changing Middle ClassWhat does it take these days to be in the middle class?
Something Extra: So Long Snooki And The Situation A little more than twelve years ago, when I worked at Good Morning America, I watched a show called "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire."
Something Extra: Harry, Harry, Harry Ay ay ay. Oy vey. Ooh la la. I seem to need a foreign language to politely express my reaction to Prince Harry's latest escapade.
Something Extra: Too Close for ComfortJust when you thought things couldn't get worse for people who fly, they have.
Something Extra: Hocus PocusThe Internet can be a wonderful thing but it can also be like the wild, wild west with a touch of Voldemort thrown in.
Something Extra: I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time… "To boldly go where no man has gone before." Star Trek's introduction is perfect for a Dutch company's plan to colonize Mars, a plan that also involves reality TV.
Something Extra: Social Media Olympics Dark PeriodIf you're like me and much of the country, you have Olympics fever and love spending time with family and friends, biting our nails while we cheer on U.S. athletes.
Something Extra: Most Sleep-Deprived CitiesIf you were yawning right during the 6 o’clock news, I may have to take it personally, because South Floridians are getting more sleep than people in most U.S. cities.
Something Extra: No More Love For Big Cars?Is America's love affair with huge cars and SUV's dying?
Something Extra: Apple’s FollyAfter years of resistance, I joined the cult of Apple a few years ago and become a huge fan of everything the company makes: iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Mac computers.
Something Extra: Most Highly-Paid “Actresses”? A part-time Miami resident who's reportedly engaged to another South Floridian is now television's highest paid actress, according to
Something Extra: A Four-Legged Mayor? And you thought we had issues with our politicians here in South Florida? How about one who will only drink water out of wineglasses with a touch of catnip added?
Something Extra: Octomom’s South Florida AdventuresWe try to stay away from tabloid stories, but when national tabloid stories come to South Florida, as they so often do, they're hard to resist.
Something Extra: Secret RecipesI've never understood people who don't like to share their recipes, but you can't blame major corporations that protect their profits by keeping their secret recipes under lock and key.
Something Extra: Anthem AngstEven the best singers will tell you "The Star Spangled Banner" is very difficult to sing.