Major FPL Solar Plan Gets State ApprovalPointing to issues such as expanding renewable energy, state regulators Tuesday approved a $1.8 billion plan by Florida Power & Light to add 20 solar-power plants by the middle of next year.
Regulators To Hold Hearing On FPL Solar PlanAfter receiving a request from the state Office of Public Counsel, regulators will hold a full hearing in October on a major solar-energy proposal by Florida Power & Light.
Florida Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To FPL Solar ProjectsThe state Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a business group’s challenge to a decision that allowed Florida Power & Light to recoup money from customers for a series of solar-energy projects.
Florida Power & Light Unveils 'Bold' Plan To Become Global Leader In Solar PowerFlorida Power and Light is announcing details on its plan to make Florida a global leader in solar power.
First Solar Powered Town Seen As Bright IdeaAbout half an hour northeast of Ft. Myers lies Babcock Ranch, America's first solar-powered town that families are flocking to.
Let There Be Sunlight: South Miami Now 'Solar City'Florida is the Sunshine State and Sunset Drive is the main drag through the city of South Miami, so it might follow that South Miami would be the first town in Florida, and only the fourth in the nation, to require solar energy systems on new homes and major expansion of existing homes.
Regulators Ready To Grapple With Gulf Power RatesState regulators are poised to hear arguments about a request from Gulf Power to raise base electric rates for hundreds of thousands of customers.
FPL Details Plans For New Solar FacilitiesFlorida Power & Light on Wednesday outlined where it will locate eight new 74.5-megawatt solar centers.
FPL Accelerates Plans To Add Solar PowerMany experts contend that solar energy is the future of consumer power in the United States.
Trump's Victory Creates Uncertainty For Wind And Solar PowerJust a couple days in and the questions about President Donald Trump’s policies are piling up, especially those on controversial issues.
Florida's Solar Amendment Doesn't Make The Cut A solar power amendment aimed at allowing utility companies to charge solar users special fees did not pass.