Study: Social Media More Addictive Than Alcohol & TobaccoImagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, or text messages. If it’s a nightmarish thought, you’re like most people aged 18-25 who are hopelessly addicted to something worse than alcohol or tobacco.
"The Social Network" Star Buys Stock In MySpaceJustin Timberlake apparently wasn't satisfied with just playing a social media impresario in the movies, so now he's becoming one in real life.
What Constitutes Cheating On Someone?By now, almost everyone has heard about the scandal that erupted around Congressman Anthony Weiner sending lewd pictures of himself via Twitter. But a bigger question is now being asked over whether or not sexting via phone or social networking is actually cheating.
Study: Social Networking May Leave Teens DepressedFacebook, MySpace and Twitter — most of us are on at least one. In fact, social networking has become such a part of our lives that there was even a movie made about it. New studies suggest that sites that are supposed to keep you connected can actually leave you feeling depressed.
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Facebook: Are You Addicted?There are new numbers that show just how addicted we have become to Facebook.
Twitter Users Wish For CompanionshipThe social networking phenomenon was supposed to keep you in touch with your friends; but as Christmas nears most Twitter users just want a little companionship for Christmas.