Recent Rash Of Deadly Gun Violence Linked By Role Of Social MediaIn the wake of Miami-Dade County’s recent rash of deadly gun violence, South Florida leaders are examining the causes and one issue keeps arising - the role of social media.
Online Industry Groups Seek Quick Stop To Social Media LawWith the law slated to take effect July 1, two online industry groups have asked a federal judge to quickly block a measure that Gov. Ron DeSantis championed to crack down on large social media platforms.
Social Media Crackdown Legislation Headed To Governor Ron DesantisFlorida lawmakers Thursday night passed a plan to crack down on large social-media companies that block users from their platforms, giving a victory to Gov. Ron DeSantis on one of his top legislative priorities.
Florida House Backs Social Media CrackdownAfter a debate that focused on free speech and former President Donald Trump, the Florida House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a proposal that would crack down on social-media giants that block users from their platforms.
Social Media Crackdown Clears Florida SenateIn one of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ top priorities of the legislative session, the Florida Senate on Monday passed a measure to crackdown on social media companies that remove users from their platforms.
Florida Senate Eyes Social Media CrackdownThe Florida Senate is scheduled Thursday to consider a bill that would crack down on social-media companies, while the House version awaits action.
Social Media Crackdown Moves ForwardA Senate committee Monday narrowly approved a measure that would crack down on social-media companies, an issue that is a priority of Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Comedians Turning To Social Media To Share Their Work With Clubs Closed During PandemicAs comedy clubs begin to reopen, some comics say that sharing jokes online isn’t a pandemic fad, but the way of the future.
Social Media Crackdown Emerges In Florida SenateThe Florida Senate is poised to start moving forward with a proposal designed to crack down on social-media companies that block users from their platforms, a priority of Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Takes Aim At Social Media Platforms Over 'Censorship'Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to set penalties and allow the state and members of the public to file lawsuits against five tech giants he says are imposing arbitrary, monopolistic rules mostly focused on the discourse of Republicans.
Pro-Trump Demonstration At Twitter Headquarters Appears To Be A Bust, Twitter Claims To Respect ‘People’s Right To Express Their Views’:A demonstration by supporters of President Donald Trump to protest his ban from the Twitter social media platform outside the company's San Francisco headquarters appeared to be a bust Monday morning.