Shuttle Discovery Ready For Voyage To Museum The space shuttle Discovery has one last mission to complete before its put on public display.
Florida's Top Stories Of The YearThere was Rick Scott who took over the Florida Governor’s office, the end of the space shuttle program and of course, the Gulf oil spill. Which story do you think made the number one spot as Florida’s top story of the year?
Space Shuttle Atlantis Enters Retirement ModeThe space shuttle Atlantis has been moved to one of Kennedy Space Center’s high-tech garage’s to be prepared for future public display at Kennedy’s Visitor Complex.
End Of Shuttle Program Spells Unemployment For ThousandsThe end of an era means the end of employment for some 7,000 people in communities surrounding Florida’s Space Coast.
Hours Till Touchdown For The Last ShuttleOne of the most famous tunes by an American composer woke the Atlantis astronauts who are now prepping for the space shuttle program's final landing in a few hours.
Shuttle's Last Landing LoomsThe last leg of an historical shuttle mission is the underway as the last American space shuttle heads home.
Last Shuttle Crew Bids Historic Goodbye To ISSFollowing a poignant farewell ceremony between crews of the International Space Station and the shuttle Atlantis, the hatches closed for the final time Monday.
Astronauts Fix, Haul Gear On Last Shuttle Flight Astronauts kept busy fixing and hauling gear aboard the linked Atlantis and International Space Station on Saturday, as the last shuttle flight drew closer to an end.

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