Just As Beaches Reopen, Sharks Spotted Close To Shore In South BeachSharks! Yes, sharks were spotted near the shore on Wednesday afternoon in Miami Beach.
Shark Swarm Caught On Video Swimming Close To Florida BeachLiving in Florida, you know if you go to the beach, you're sharing the water with sharks every time you get in.
Countries Agree To Protect Sharks, RaysIn a move aimed at conserving some of the ocean's most awe-inspiring creatures, countries have agreed to protect more than a dozen shark species at risk of extinction.
Scientists At NSU's Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Use Tracking Tags To Learn More About Whale SharksOver the past decade, marine biologists have been tracking sharks off Florida’s coast using special tracking tags, which has led to great insight into migration patterns and habitats, but not so much with the whale shark. 
Teen Girl On Boogie Board Bitten By Shark At Florida Beach Authorities said a 16-year-old girl was attacked Friday by a shark at a Florida beach.
Panthers End Sharks Streak With 4-2 WinMartin Jones could come up with only so many saves against the NHL's second-ranked power play before the Florida Panthers finally broke through.
Florida To Ban Dumping Blood Off Beaches To Lure SharksOcean waters surrounding Florida’s shores are about to get a bit cleaner and less gross.
Significant Drop In Shark Bites Reported Worldwide In 2018Fewer shark bites were reported worldwide in 2018, according to University of Florida researchers.
New Rules Loom For Shark FishingUsing chum to attract sharks in waters used by beachgoers, surfers and divers is closer to being banned in Florida, despite concerns the change will further squeeze out “blue collar” angling.
New Rules Proposed For Shark Fishing Include No More Chum In WaterPeople who fish from shore for sharks would be barred from putting chum in the water to attract the fish.
Naked Man Swims Among Sharks At Toronto AquariumOne man's refreshing dip in a shark-infested Toronto aquarium while naked could land him in hot water.